Four Liquid Matte Lipsticks for New Years Eve: Huda Beauty, Jeffree Star, Fenty, ABH

New Year’s Eve is so close and if you have your outfit ready, let me give you some inspiration of what lipstick to wear on that special day. To start off 2022 the best way, I have picked up four long lasting liquid matte lipsticks that are great choices to rock your New Year’s Eve look. My selection from bright colours to one nude lipstick, from Jeffree Star, Fenty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty is meant to help you decide what makeup to wear, because lipsticks have the power to trigger a whole makeup look, or simplify your makeup, by applying less eye makeup, but using a bold lipstick to create a statement makeup. Also I give some tips of how to make a liquid matte lipstick last longer, without drying your lips.

So New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and you know you want to look your best, you have the dress, the shoes and now it all comes down to hair and makeup. Thinking of it, I grabbed four good liquid matte lipsticks that at least can inspire your makeup look. I chose 3 bright lipsticks from Jeffree Star, Fenty and Anastasia Beverly Hills and 1 nude from Huda Beauty. I hope this selection will put you in a festive mood, ready to party in New Year’s Eve.

The four liquid matte lipsticks I selected: Huda Beauty Trophy Wife, Fenty Beauty Unlocked, Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll and Jeffree Star Pain is Pleasure

A general advice for matte liquid lipsticks is to apply them once and then fill the rest with a lip liner. The less you apply, the less the lipstick will stain your face after wearing a face mask. Although if you still see that some colour needs to be added, then apply a second time, only. The more you apply, the more you will be tempted to touch up and it might end up looking too dry. Remember as well, to scrub your lips and hydrate your lips with lip balm 30 minutes before applying a matte liquid lipstick.


Me wearing Huda Beauty Trophy Wife

Huda Beauty Trophy Wife is the perfect mauve nude shade for a special night like New Year’s Eve. On light skin tone, it might look a bit dark, but it’s still a good shade. The lipstick’s vanilla scent is a temptation and if you have to kiss someone, they will find your lips irresistible! The formula is super liquid, but it dries really quickly.

I realise now, that this shade that used to be a best seller has been discontinued recently. I bought it two months ago and now I can only find on Amazon (link below).

Huda Beauty Trophy Wife – £25.99


Me wearing Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color

Fenty Beauty Unlocked matte lipstick is a statement pink suitable for a festive day. The bright fuchsia will add a pop of colour if you want to keep your eye makeup simple. Just one layer of this lipstick is enough to fill your face with color. I won’t recommend to overapply this lipstick, because it really stains your lips and teeth. The first time I used it, I applied so many times through out the day, that to take it off was a nightmare. One thing that I like about this lipstick, besides being a long lasting lipstick, is the packaging. The “nail varnish” type of packaging is stunning!

Fenty Beauty Unlocked – £20


Me wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll is the essential classic red every woman needs in her makeup bag. This Hollywood red lipstick will transform you into a goddess! The hydrating formula will make sure your lips will be moisturized whilst wearing it. The con of this lipstick is, if you overapply it, it won’t look anymore matte and rather will look like a semi-matte lipstick.

Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll – £19


Me wearing Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Pain is Pleasure

Jeffree Star Pain is Pleasure was launched on Halloween this year and I couldn’t resist getting this “party” orange shade. If you want something different that stands out from the whole crowd and if you have the courage to use it all night, then this is the lipstick for you. I see this lipstick as something young and joyful. Since green is so in vogue in fashion right now, I thought of this orange lipstick to escape from the usual red. A green dress, minimal eye makeup and this matte lipstick, you will have a statement look easy to remember forever.

Jeffree Star Pain is Pleasure – £16


Tik Tok video using Jeffree Star Pain is Pleasure, Anastasia Beverly Hills American Doll, Fenty Beauty Unlocked and Huda Beauty Trophy Wife


From the 4 lipsticks, my favourite is Huda Beauty Trophy Wife. The texture dries quickly, is the most matte from all, not staining your face whilst wearing a face mask and it feels very hydrating. The scent as well is the best amongst the four. Another advantage is the applicator. Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks have an applicator easy to use that enables you to dismiss a lip liner. The only minus is the price, is the most expensive of all.

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  1. The American Idol from ABH look gorgeous on your skin tone!

  2. All these liquid matte lipsticks look amazing but if i had to pick just one I would definitely go for the Huda Beauty Trophy Wife. Such a shame they discontinue beauty products all the time…

    1. Yes so true, lately beauty products are discontinued more often than before. I had this year at least 3 products that I used regularly being discontinued ☹ I agree with you about choosing Trophy Wife 😉

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