The top favourite beauty products for 2021: Collaboration Article with “Beauty and More”

The beauty industry overload us with so many products that it gets hard to choose the beauty products that are really worth trying. In collaboration with the exceptional beauty blogger from, we have decided to write an article about the beauty products that we have tried in 2021 and became part of our beauty routine. Each one of us, chose 5 products that created a positive impact to the point that we had to mention them in this article. The top 10 beauty products include skincare and haircare. Regarding makeup, we will post another article next week electing our favourites of this year.

Beauty bloggers are always on the search of the best beauty product or which is going to be the next hype in the beauty market, thereby after trying so many products, beauty bloggers have an important expertise in knowing what’s good and bad.

The experienced and wonderful Blanca, blogger of Beauty and More – BEAUTY AND STYLE INSPIRATION, has an amazing knowledge about beauty and I could not resist to ask her for a collaboration where she could tell us what are her favourite beauty products of 2021. I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation for an article and together we have teamed up to bring you our 10 favourite beauty products of 2021.

We narrowed down all the products we tried this year, in skincare and haircare, to the ones that have became essential in our daily routine. Discover all of them, by clicking here, in the Beauty and More blog page.

Follow Beauty and More to keep yourself updated in what beauty and style have best to offer you and take advantage of her useful tips.

Next week stay alert for another collaboration, where we will tell what are the best makeup products we tried this year.

Thank you for reading our blogs. May everyone have a Happy Christmas weekend!

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  1. I really like these type of posts! It’s great to know what products work for you, and are worth to try! There are no better people to give a good advice than the ones that are always looking for the best products! I trust your opinion and I am definitely going to try two of these products!

    1. Thank you ❤ If you try them, let me know if you like them 😊

  2. This post collaboration has been amazing! Thank you so much Michele for collaborating in the post and providing your great beauty reviews. Also a big thank you for the wonderful referral in your blog of “The Top Favorite Beauty Products for 2021” post. I’m sure there will be more collaborations like this one coming up in 2022!

    1. I would love to collaborate more in 2022 🤗 It was a really good experience working together with you in the article. Everything flew so easily, thank you ❤

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