Metal Morphosis: High Street Piercings, Tattoos and Jewellery in Central London

I spent the last three weeks in London and one secret thing about me is that I’m crazy about body piercing, so whilst in London I searched for the best place for a body piercing and the result was the high street brand Metal Morphosis with 30 years of expertise in ethical produced jewellery, piercings and tattoos. I met the CEO of Metal Morphosis, Ben Harris, and I was delighted to hear his story about how the business evolved and discovering that the knowledge he has, passed from his Grandfather, to his Father and now he wants to elevate his heritage to be a renowned and sustainable brand in piercings, tattoos and jewellery where customers know that quality and safety always comes first. Comparing to other competitors in High Street, Metal Morphosis is the only one that produces its own jewellery, making sure when you are going for a piercing procedure, you know their jewellery won’t tarnish or fade. Find out more about the brand, my experience of doing one more body piercing and use discount code GLOSSY30 for 30% off when booking an appointment at Metal Morphosis.

If you are a fan of piercings and tattoos, then you need to know Metal Morphosis in Central London. Their first site was in Soho in 1991 and in 1992 they have launched the Metal Morphosis Piercing Training School, upgrading the back street concept of piercing to a high street level.

They have been pioneers in producing their own piercing jewellery that respects fairly supply chains embracing equality, safety and sustainability.

All their jewellery is crafted responsibly using high-quality surgical steel, approved by experts with the promise of always being water and sweat proof, non-hypoallergenic, scent and cosmetic resistant and low maintenance. The main reason of their attention to detail in regards their jewellery, is because Metal Morphosis comes from a medical background which has led them to know the importance of using premium metals that don’t harm skin.

I met the director and CEO of the brand, Ben Harris, when I went to my body piercing appointment in Carnaby Street and I was so pleased to know all about Metal Morphosis that at the end, I knew I wanted to write in my blog about their business and the lovely experience I had.

From our conversation, he agreed to provide a discount code to my followers and the result is a discount of 30% with code GLOSSY30

I love the fact that Metal Morphosis started with Ben Harris’s Grandfather and has passed from generation to generation, being a proof that a “rebel” piercing business can carry as much expertise as a doctor’s clinic.

Metal Morphosis trailer video presentation#


Front of Metal Morphosis store in Carnaby Street

Inside Metal Morphosis in Carnaby Street
Inside Metal Morphosis in Carnaby Street
The beautiful belly button piercings in Metal Morphosis

Metal Morphosis has 2 locations, one in Carnaby Street and another in Shoreditch, all in London, United Kingdom. The addresses, telephone number and opening times are bellow.

Metal Morphosis in Carnaby Street

  • Address: 11 Newburgh Street, W1F 7RW
  • Telephone: 020 337 0619
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm / Sunday: 11am-6pm

Metal Morphosis in Shoreditch

  • Address: Unit 4, 472 Hackney Road, E2 9EQ
  • Telephone: 0207 729 9202
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10:30am-7pm / Closed on Sunday

Metal Morphosis in Carnaby Street, where I did my body piercing, is a modern and clean store adorned by stunning piercing jewellery. The procedure rooms can be found downstairs and they are sanitized and comfortable enough when you are undergoing a piercing procedure.

Metal Morphosis Carnaby Street store video


Me in Metal Morphosis

Besides having the “normal” ears pierced, I have as well a tongue and navel piercings, both of them made more than 4 years ago. And 2 years ago I did a nipple piercing, but middle of this year it fell off, so I had to redo it. This is why I went to Metal Morphosis, to redo my nipple piercing.

If you are interested in body piercings and you are scared about it, I can tell you, that the experience when made by professionals isn’t as painful as most of the times we imagined. From the 3 body piercings I did so far, I can tell you that the one that took more time to heal was the belly button, around 1 year to heal completely, but I think it was because the jewellery wasn’t totally hypoallergenic. The tongue piercing doesn’t hurt at all when it’s done, but hours after, it gets swollen and the first week, eat and speak become a little bit difficult. It took me 6 months in total to be able to move my tongue completely like before.

Regarding the nipple piercing I did 2 years ago in Camden Town and if I compare with the experience I had now in Metal Morphosis there is definitely a difference. My nipple piercing done in Camden Town was crooked and the jewellery didn’t allow my nipple to heal quickly. It took around 8 months to see my nipple healed.

My nipple piercing redone in Metal Morphosis is straight and the jewellery is so good, that there wasn’t any yellow discharge. It’s been now 4 days and it doesn’t even hurt and it didn’t get swollen at all.

To accelerate the healing process, Metal Morphosis, has its own products like saline solution and antibacterial cleansing lotion. I have been using everyday the saline solution and since my nipple has healed so well, I haven’t used cotton buds together with the saline solution as recommended. The saline solution on its own sprayed on my nipple has been enough.

The antibacterial cleansing lotion is recommended when there is yellow discharge and possibly if you bump into something that can cause any abrupt swelling.

Metal Morphosis owned Antibacterial Cleansing Lotion and Saline Solution

In terms of prices, from their top quality service along with their premium products it would be expected high prices, however Metal Morphosis is affordable and you can check the prices beforehand whilst booking on their website. I paid for my nipple piercing service, the piercing jewellery for my nipple and the saline solution, a total of £60.


Booking at Metal Morphosis is easy with the help of the app their website uses: Booksy. I booked instantly and was even able to change the hour of the appointment on the same day. I didn’t need to pay anything on Booksy. I paid for everything after the procedure was done.



My nipple piercing experience in Metal Morphosis felt safe and was pleasant, so I would recommend them 100% if you are looking to have a piercing done.

Enjoy the discount code of GLOSSY30 for 30%off for any appointments at Metal Morphosis. A special thank you to Ben Harris for being so attentive.

Thank you for reading,

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  1. I’d love a piercing, other than ear or nose, but I’m a coward!

    1. You just have to commit that you really want to do it. It doesn’t hurt as much as you might imagine. Well, it only hurts the moment when they do the piercing 😊 thank you for reading ❤

  2. Such a cool piercing place in London! They look really professional and with lots of expertise in the matter. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. Thank you for reading and giving me your support ❤

      1. It’s a pleasure, I love your blog content! And thank you as well for your support!

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