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Holiday Season is just around the corner, with Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations demanding a special dressing code. We tend to worry what to wear in these special days, buying clothes that sometimes we wear it only once or trying to find the best outfit for a good price. This Holiday Season there is a better solution: Fashion Rental. I bring you two brands that rent clothes, designer bags and shoes: Taite Ro. and Hurr. Prepare yourself to look elegant this Holiday Season without spending a fortune, with a discount code of 25% off available on the Taite Ro. section.

All is good when you have everything perfectly organised for Christmas and New Years Eve, particularly when you just want to have a good time with friends and family. So why worrying about how you will be dressing up? If you are the type of person that thinks ahead about what to wear in special occasions, now let me tell you, you don’t need to go store to store to find the perfect outfit. There is an easier and more effective solution. Fashion Rental takes the pressure out of our shoulders and makes the task of finding the perfect clothes much simpler.

Renting clothes has another advantage: saving space in your wardrobe.

Why buying more clothes that you just wear them occasionally and at the end they just clutter your wardrobe? I decided to finally try two brands that rent clothes, designer clothes, bags and shoes and see if it’s really worth it or not.


The founder Phoebs, whilst studying fashion marketing came up with the sustainable idea of renting clothes and seven years later she finally succeed to create the go-to fashion rental platform Taite Ro.

Follow Taite Ro. Instagram, especially now that they have an ongoing giveaway.

The website Taite Ro. is organised by “outfits”, “occasions” or “collections”, providing a pleasant experience whilst you are browsing and looking for the perfect outfit. There is also the option of inserting your size and select the rental dates instead, if you want a more precise search.

The clothes can be rented during 4, 9 or 14 days. You choose what fits you best.

I selected two dresses of size XS for 4 days and they arrived even earlier that I was expecting. They arrived two days before the rental dates, amazing! Both dresses can be found in the “Christmas Party” section and they fitted me like a glove. See pictures bellow.

ASOS Pink Puff Sleeves Dress available to rent on Taite Ro. from £21

GANNI Shirt Feather Dress available to rent on Taite Ro. from £34

The Pink Puff Sleeves Dress is the perfect dress for New Years Eve and the Shirt Feather Dress for Christmas instead.

This concept of fashion rental is the best thing ever! Select which dress you want, size and for how long you would like to rent it.

Once the parcel arrives, you will see that there is a green tape around the dress (right picture above). You can only remove the green tape, if after trying the clothes, they fit you well. In case they don’t fit or you don’t like it, inside the parcel there is a sticker label to return the parcel back to Taite Ro., free of any sort of costs.

If you keep the clothes for the rental duration that you’ve selected, then by the end you just have to put the clothes back inside the packaging (left picture above) put the sticker label that comes with the parcel, go post office and ready to return. It’s so easy!

In total I spent £65.45. I rented the dresses for 4 days, so a total of £55. Then the insurance of £6.50 and rental fee of £3.95 was added, summing up to £65.45.

However, don’t think this fashion rental concept is only for special occasions. If you have some holidays planed in a hot country, you can rent some clothes for your holidays and you don’t have to spend money in new clothes or stuff your wardrobe with clothes that you only wear it on holidays. Especially if you live in the UK, where summer lasts one month, if lucky, it’s nonsense to “destroy” your bank account for some summer holiday clothes.


Try this new concept of fashion rental on Taite Ro. with an incentive of 25% off with discount code: MICHELEMADEMEDOIT25.


The CEO of Hurr, Victoria Prew, wanted to change the concept of fast fashion and reduce the massive waste that the fashion industry produces every year. With that in mind, she knew that fashion rental was the right investment.

Hurr is a designer fashion rental where you can find designer clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories. If you like to be dressed up in designer clothes, now you don’t have to empty your bank account, you can just rent it and at the same time, you’ll be saving the planet, by reducing the fast fashion that we got used to when wearing clothes just one time.

In case, you would prefer a physical store, Hurr is available in Selfridges (London) and they have one store in King’s Road, Chelsea, in London.

Follow Hurr Instagram to keep yourself updated with the latest designer fashion arrivals to rent.

The way Hurr works is different than Taite Ro., in the sense that you need to register all your details like passport, address, telephone number and even pass through an identification check up. If you miss any of the details that they request, the identification process might fail and you won’t be able to rent.

After passing the identification process, you can start browsing the website and once you find what you want to rent, you can select the duration of the rental: 4, 8, 10 or 20 days.

I wanted a designer bag to go with the dresses of Taite Ro., so I rented a purple bag from Jacquemus for 4 days, see picture below. The bag arrived one day before the starting date of the rental.

This bag specifically is not available at the moment on HURR, however they have a very similar one “Jacquemus Le Chiquito Med Mntgne” available to rent from £73

If you are thinking about renting this bag, let me just warn you that the only thing that fits in this bag is your house and car keys, some tiny makeup like lipstick or anything that is considered tiny. For example, my mobile didn’t fit at all. This is why renting designer fashion is the best option, before buying it. You can rent, use it to see if it really adapts to your needs and voila, you are ready to make a conscious decision, before buying designer fashion and “destroy” your bank account.

Regarding returning the items back after renting, it’s really easy. The Jacquemus bag that I rented came in a reusable thick plastic envelope closed with velcro and inside had a return sticker label. So by the end of the rental, you just have to put the items inside the packaging, go post office, stick the label and ready to be returned.

In terms of costs, I paid a total of £57.53 for 4 days of rental.

If you are considering renting from Hurr, at the moment they have a promotion: you will get £10 off with code APPYRENTING


I totally love this idea of renting clothing and accessories. This is a concept that should be spread all over the world, because it’s an amazing way to reduce waste and support sustainability.

Plus, with Hurr you can actually earn money, if you have any designer clothes or bags. You can rent them through Hurr. Isn’t that a genius way of having an extra income?

Try Taite Ro. and Hurr to get your perfect Christmas or New Year’s Eve outfit without spending a fortune.

Wishing you all a happy weekend and thank you for reading.

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  1. I love the idea of renting your party clothes. So great for the environment. And the bank balance 🙂

    1. Exactly! I hope the concept will spread to the whole world 🌎 🙂

  2. I really like this idea of renting clothes and handbags, not only is an affordable way to look great but also a very sustainable one!

    1. No doubt, especially in terms of designer brands, it’s a great saving!

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