Bushy Brows: Nyx, Refy and ABH review

Eyebrows are the frame that complete a perfect portrait. Each decade follows a different eyebrow trend. The trend now is the bushy feathered soap brows. This eyebrow grooming can now be achieved with some new products that are available on the market, eliminating the soap method. I have tried three different products to achieved the fluffy brow trend: Nyx The Brow Glue, Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze. Which one is the best? Keep reading to find out the answer.

It took me a while to get me into the new trend of fluffy bushy eyebrows, but once I tried it, I admit I did like the effect. When the trend started by using soap, it didn’t attract me at all, since you have to wet the soap and then with a spoolie brush, comb the eyebrows up, which for me it seemed like a long process. When Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze came up to the market, I knew this would be perfect for me.

Meanwhile, new products started to be commercialized and it got me intrigued. I needed to know, which one was better: Nyx The Brow Glue, Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit or Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze?


Nyx The Brow Glue

Nyx The Brow Glue is effective, dries quickly and holds the eyebrows up perfectly. The transparent liquid that feels like a hair gel combined with a spoolie brush is an odourless, easy and quick way to get feathered eyebrows. After brushing the eyebrows up, just pass your fingers upwards to hold them firmly before finishing the brow grooming with an eyebrow pencil. I use the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil (click here to read my review) to complete the bushy brow routine. See video at the end of article.

How my eyebrows look like after applying Nyx The Brow Glue

What makes this product stands out from the others is the price. Paying only £5 for a good quality product like this, it is definitely worth it

The Brow Glue £4.33


Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit
Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit
Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit – Shade Medium
Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit
Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit – Stage 1 Sculpt
Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit – Stage 2 Pomade
Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit – Stage 3 Pencil

Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit is a complete set for bushy brows. You can use all 3 products included in the kit or select your favourite ones for fluffy brows. My favourites are Stage 1 Brow Sculp and Stage 3 Pencil.

Brow Sculp is the product that holds the eyebrows exactly like a soap, meaning from Nyx and Anastasia Beverly Hills, Refy Brow Sculp is the one that has the maximum strength to hold eyebrows in place, even after a “sweaty” night out.

Refy Brow Pencil is a thin and precise eyebrow pencil that draws perfect strokes to create a flawless bushy brow effect. Totally recommend it!

I purchased the shade medium.

How my eyebrows look like after using Refy 3 Stage Kit, shade medium

The Stage 2 Pomade is dispensable for me, but I’m not surprised, since I was never into brow pomades. However, if you are into brow pomades, Refy delivers a great pomade. Comparing to the one from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Refy Pomade has a better consistency that dries quicker and is more practical, because includes a brush.

It’s a pricey kit, although it needs to be considered that includes 3 products and the quality justifies it too. If you would like to try this kit, get it now that is Black Friday weekend and instead of £40, is only £32.

Refy 3 Stage Brow Kit
Black Friday price now


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze it’s a nice product, but when compared to Nyx or Refy, it’s the product I like the least. When it was launched, I got dragged by the hype and got it as soon as I could.

The transparent formula it works well, however if you live in a hot country I wouldn’t advise it, since it can melt and it can give an oily texture to the eyebrows. I normally use a bit of powder after applying Brow Freeze to mattify it.

Since is the product I like the least, now I wouldn’t pay £24 and besides that, you need to buy a spoolie brush to use Brow Freeze, meaning is not the most practical from the 3 brow products.

How my eyebrows look like after using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Anastasia Beverly Hills



The product I would highly recommend is Nyx Brow Glue for the price and good quality.

Refy is perfect if you want to have a complete set where you can adapt each item for different types of brow grooming.

ABH Brow Freeze is the “less good” amongst the products referred above.

Wishing you an amazing Black Friday weekend!

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  1. Thank you for this comparison review! I definitely need to try the NYX The Brow Glue. I really want to try the bushy, feathered brow look and this product seems to be the perfect one to get the look at a very affordable price.

  2. I was thinking about buying the ABH Brow Freeze, I’m so glad that I saw this post! Thank you!

    1. Yes I saw the article you said you wanted to buy it, but ABH it’s not worth it when now there’s more similar products available like the one from Nyx.

      1. I’ve been trying the Nyx Control Freak and Ikm going to talk about it in the future, I’m still indecisa if I like it or not… unfortunately I can’t find the Nyx brow glue in Portugal, whyyyy? I really wanted to try it after remanding your post!

      2. I can’t believe Nyx Brow Glue is not available in Portugal!!! I hope it will come soon, because it’s really worth it and the price is perfect!
        I don’t know the Nyx Control Freak, so I really want to read the review 😃

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