Same piece, different styles (Part 2) – how to style Zara oversized denim overshirt: Collaboration Article with “Beautyworkers”

“Beautyworkers” and I, have teamed up again to bring you another fashion item combined in different styles. In the last article we showed you the revival of the 90’s with Zara full length flare jeans. This time, to keep up with the 90’s trends, we decided to stay in line with the denim style and chose an oversized denim shirt, also from Zara. Sit tight and enjoy the nine looks we prepared for the second collaboration article: same piece, different styles.

If you didn’t read the previous article, where Beautyworkers and I collaborated for the first time, presenting 6 different looks for the same fashion item, click here. I am so grateful for have had the change to work with Rita and Joana, bloggers from Beautyworkers. Their blog always bring exciting news, reviews or updates about makeup, skincare, fashion and lifestyle. There were times I purchased items because of their interesting articles. So, clearly I couldn’t resist to approach them and ask them to collaborate with me. Luckily, they accepted my invitation. The result is two articles, the first where I put the link above, which we selected a 90’s full length jeans from Zara and each one of us styled it in 2 different ways, and this second article where the item chosen was a Zara oversized denim overshirt. Unexpectedly, each one of us, created 3 different looks, when in the beginning we said only 2. Such a coincidence! It just proves that we are in tune!

Because fashion is having a comeback from the 90’s, we thought it would be interesting to bring the denim trend for this Autumn/Winter. Thus for this second collaboration, we have a denim oversized shirt.

Zara oversized denim overshirt – £27.99

Get ready! Here are the 9 looks!


The first look is a casual relaxed style suitable for everyday. The top and the black leggings can be combined with comfortable trainers, perfect for a walk.

This look puts together the trendy denim shirt with a classic skirt that is perfect for work in an office. The scarf is an accessory that adds personality and more style to the shirt.

I absolutely love the way Rita styled the shirt in this picture. Fancy leggings and a belt to highlight her waist, it’s the perfect look for a dinner out.


A casual combination with a hoodie, trainers and black trousers. The denim trend in this picture it really reminds me the 90’s. It was usual to see a denim shirt with a hoodie underneath.

Joana really pulled it off this unexpected classic look with the shirt and a black dress. The high heel boots add the right level of sophistication. Perfect outfit for a night out.

This is my favourite look from Joana. What do you think? The pleated skirt with the top and the super cute chunky shoes, everything white, is a must look that can be worn in any occasion.


Skinny jeans, a casual top and flat boots, it’s a look that would wear it for everyday. Simple and easy.

With this combination, I tried to create a modern and sophisticated look with a colourful satin skirt and the snake print boots.

The third and last look is a full-on denim. The jeans are exactly the jeans from our first collaboration article. I think the shirt and jeans create a perfect denim co-ord. The belt on the waist and again the snake print boots give elegance to the denim outfit.


I hope you enjoyed our looks as much as I did. I truly hope Beautyworkers and I will collaborate again in the future. It was a pleasure to get to know them better and combine our styles together.

Make sure to subscribe to their blog: “Beautyworkers blog – Whether you are looking for a product review or a beauty tip, this is your blog. We hope you enjoy!!!

May our looks inspire a fashionable week!

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  1. Michele, i adore your Blog! You look ALWAYS AMAZING! Thx for sharing your Fashion creativity! YOU ARE UNIQUE! ✨💖🤗💖✨

    1. Thank you ❤🫂💋 😊

  2. Thank you so much! One of the best collaborations we did! We loved it! Hopefully in the future we will have more collaboration posts!

  3. […] To give you some inspiration (our top mission on every post) each one styled this denim overshirt in three ways and if you are curious, check the full post in Michele’s blog (here). […]

  4. Michele, i adore your Blog! You look ALWAYS AMAZING! Thx for sharing your Fashion creativity! YOU ARE UNIQUE! ✨💖🤗💖✨

    1. Thank you so much for supporting me💗💗💗

  5. A denim overshirt is such a versatile piece. I love all the looks! Very different styles but all nicely paired.

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