Bossy Glossy: Handmade and Natural Skincare

I have been bringing over the last weeks, British vegan friendly brands in makeup, haircare and now it’s time for skincare. Bossy Glossy is an organic, natural and handmade brand that uses the most nourishing and delicate ingredients to present you the best of nature. Their skincare is addictive, not only for the scent that each product carries, which reminds me nature blooming in spring, but also for the softness that leaves on the skin. Let me introduce to you and your skin, the luxurious, pure and unique Bossy Glossy and as an introduction gift, grab a discount code available at the end of the article.

If you like to feel pampered and energised whilst putting your skincare on, than Bossy Glossy is perfect for you. They have a vast range to make everyone happy, from lips balms, bath bombs, body lotions shaped as body “soap” bars, masks to face creams. Click here to check their website.

It was really hard to choose what I wanted to try for the first time. I wanted everything, but decided to stick to the skincare and the body “soap” butter bar.

After browsing the website, my shopping basket included 3 products:

  • Clear Skin Cleanser;
  • The ONE Night Moisturiser;
  • And the Mediterrean Peppermint Body Butter Bar.

A discount code of 10% off is available at the end of the article.


Bossy Glossy Clear Skin Cleanser
The back of Bossy Glossy Clear Skin Cleanser where you can see the directions and ingredients

Bossy Glossy Clear Skin Cleanser has a fresh orange scent that revitalizes the most tired face. The milky texture (check video by the end of the article) is soothing and feels super soft when you start washing your face with. Make sure to wet your face first and after apply the Clear Skin Cleanser. Because of its natural ingredients is suitable for any skin type, even for oily or acneic skin. It has anti-bacterial ingredients that control blemishes and the production of excessive sebum. Clear Skin Cleanser is perfect for me, since it rejuvenates whilst treats my oily areas. The ingredients such as citric acid, sweet orange essential oil, stearic acid or strawberry fruit extract work together to hydrate, regenerate and strengthen the barrier of the most problematic skin.

It’s a soothing cleanser that I recommend, if you are looking for something that leaves your skin soft and respects the natural skin’s elasticity.

If in case you like cleansers that remove makeup, this cleanser will remove non-waterproof makeup.

Clear Skin Cleanser £18


Bossy Glossy The ONE Night Moisturiser
The back of The ONE Night Moisturiser
The ingredients of The ONE Night Moisturiser

I am so in love with Bossy Glossy The ONE night Moisturiser! If you read my article Anti-Age Skincare for Acne Skin, then you understand my struggle to find good products that besides moisturising my skin, will also heal my spot scars and blemishes and in that article in particular I was missing a night cream, which now I am so glad I found it!

The ONE night moisturiser is the essential night cream that any woman needs in her life.

I became addict to this night cream, because I haven’t found a night cream like this before, that is anti-aging without being greasy and I can actually see when I wake up that my skin has less blemishes, pores look smaller and spot scars are visibly reduced. It works like magic!

This 50ml night moisturiser it’s packed with all the vitamins that will restore the balance of your skin, from vitamin A,B, C, D to vitamin E. It’s a “super food” moisturiser that takes care of your face whilst you are sleeping, revitalising dull skin and relieving the harsh sensation that acneic skin feels when it’s dehydrated. There is only good things to say about this anti-age face cream that at the same time, treats prone acne skin.

The ONE night moisturiser


Bossy Glossy Mediterranean Peppermint Body Butter Bar
The ingredients of the Mediterranean Peppermint Body Butter Bar
How to use the Mediterranean Peppermint Body Butter Bar

The Mediterranean Peppermint Body Butter Bar brings a new concept that I wasn’t aware of. Body lotions can also come in a shape of a “soap” and are quite hydrating, if not more than the traditional body lotion. This body butter bar needs to be warmed up on your hands first and after is ready to be applied on the whole body like any other soap, the difference in this case is that it’s a body lotion “soap”.

The natural ingredients and essential oils like, olive and peppermint oil, penetrate deeply into the driest skin and leave the body soft for the whole day.

This concept of handmade “soap” body lotion is practical and environment friendly. There is no need for a plastic packaging that will pollute, as it occupies less space in the luggage when travelling.

This handmade body butter bar is so easy to use and incredibly my body absorbs everything quickly, not leaving any greasy trace that some body lotions leave.

Now I do want to try as well the Coconut Body Bar, because I love coconut scent. The peppermint scent is lovely too, but I think it changes the smell of my perfumes.

Mediterranean Body Butter Bar



  • Get 10% off with code : GLOSSY10



From the 3 products that I got from Bossy Glossy, The ONE Night Moisturiser is my favourite. I tried so many night face creams, from so many luxury brands, like La Mer, Shiseido, Sisley, Lancome, Estee Lauder and The ONE Night Moisturiser is the first that actually reduces my pimple scars visibly from the first application whilst rejuvenating my skin.

Wishing you an energised week. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I didn’t know this brand, but I love organic, vegan and natural skincare, so Bossy Glossy is definitely going in my wish list. The products sound and look great, the kind of skincare I’m sure my skin will love. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You will definitely love it!

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