Mirana Hair Tonic: Hair Styling Oil and Scalp Treatment

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Hydrating your scalp the right way will strengthen your hair and reduce split ends. I have discovered an organic hair tonic with 11 pure natural oils that is multitask and more importantly, it takes care of your scalp too. Mirana Hair Tonic leaves your hair shiny and silky whilst giving the nutrition your scalp needs. Let me show you this magical hair tonic and get a discount code by the end of the article.

I thought I had tried every good serum, oil, hair tonics, that are out in the market, but there is always that one product that you wished you would have tried before. My blonde highlights and the regular straightening leave my hair and scalp dry, so I always have to make sure I use good nourishing hair products. When I saw on Instagram Mirana Fusion Hair Tonic I was attracted by the fact that is a multitask product that it can be used either after styling your hair or as a scalp treatment.


Mirana Hair Tonic

Mirana Hair Tonic is like an “Aladdin” in a bottle that does miracles to your hair, making your wish of shiny and healthy hair come true.

Mirana Hair Tonic is vegan friendly, cruelty free and uses a cold pressed process to create the best pure organic formula for hair. The natural ingredients are in the origin of this magical product. With 11 natural oils, such as grape seed oil, sweet almond oil or peppermint oil, Mirana nourishes deeply the root of each strand of hair, recovering brittle hair.

The natural ingredients of Mirana Hair Tonic


What I really like about this hair tonic is that a little bit goes a long way. Just one drop after styling your hair and you can see an improvement on split ends day after day. However the magic isn’t over there. The real magic it starts when you apply Mirana Fusion on the scalp as a overnight treatment and next day, dry and dull hair is revived. Below you can check the instructions leaflet of Mirana Tonic

The leaflet of Mirana Hair Tonic that explains how to use it


Besides all the amazing properties I already mentioned, Mirana Fusion Tonic:

  • Reduces frizzy hair,
  • It has a fresh delicious scent,
  • Reduces premature greying and hair thinning,
  • Promotes hair growth,
  • And the packaging is recyclable.


Mirana Hair Tonic – £25


  • Get 10% off with code: MGG10


This hair tonic is unique and I never tried nothing like this before. I absolutely love how light it feels on my hair and when I feel my scalp unbalanced, it’s good to know I can rely on it to restore balance.

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  1. This hair tonic really sounds amazing! I’m currently using th Apivita Hair Loss Lotion but this one from Mirana looks like a more versatile hair lotion. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. This hair tonic is a must-have. Since I started using it, my hair has grown a lot! Thank you for reading ❤

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