Halloween Part 3: Collaboration with Biii*ch Lashes

For my third and last Halloween look, I bring you the lash brand Biiitch Lashes from London, which is specialised in magnetic lashes. Applying false eyelashes has become easier than ever! Discover more about their luxurious lashes and how to get a £10 off when you purchase their lashes.

All my Halloween looks were in collaboration with British brands and for this last article in Halloween week, I wanted to show you a new technology that the brand Biiitch Lashes has brought into the market, with a new easy application for false lashes. If you are the type of person that struggles with false eyelashes, then these were made for you. They have six different false eyelashes and all of them named after a London’s area – Knightsbridge, Liverpool Street, Camden, Soho, Sloane Square and Portobello. Love it! They want to empower women by simplifying a beauty routine that can be quite demanding and stressful. Their brand name Biiitch, it stands for “Beautiful Intelligent Talented Caring Human”.

They have sent me their eyelashes Portobello, and let me tell you my experience.


Biiitch Lashes eyelash package
Portobello Biiitch Lashes
Portobello Biiitch Lashes
The instructions at the back of Biiitch Lashes‘ package

Portobello lashes look super natural and let me tell you that magnetic lashes are the easiest thing to put on.

Their technology is amazing, because by applying the magnetic eyeliner that comes in the packaging, the lashes suddenly get sticked to the eyes. It’s as easy as that! You just have to wait until the eyeliner gets dried and after the magnet technology does the rest.

If you look closely to the picture above where you can see the Portobello lashes, you will notice that they have some tiny magnets on the lash strip.

After I put them on, they stayed on the whole time, no falling, no need to put more glue, as it happens with other lashes and so easy to remove, just pulling and they’re off! Incredible! See below how they look like in my Halloween look.


My third and last Halloween look using Biiitch Lashes
Detail of how Portobello Biiitch Lashes look like
Tik tok video style with Portobello Biiitch Lashes


Biiitch Lashes – £30


To get £10 off when you purchase Biiitch Lashes, just message them on their Instagram and they will give you the discount.



Beautiful message that comes with Portobello lashes
Love the Biiitch Lashes face mask that came as a gift

Biiitch Lashes is an attentive brand that takes cares about details, as you can see by the pictures above. I can’t actually wait to use the face mask 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my Halloween looks and the British brands that I have collaborated with.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Love this make up! I have never got on with fake eyelashes as they always end up looking wonky, but these sound easier to put on.

    1. Thank you 🤗 They are definitely easier 😃💋

  2. Can you believe I never tried magnetic false lashes? You made it look so easy ahahah Love the post!

    1. Thank you 😊 I definitely recommend them👌

  3. I never used false lashes before. My eyes are super sentitive and I try to keep away from anything that can cause allergic reactions. Glue never seemed a good idea but this magnetic system seems less harmful both for eyelids and eyelashes. Thank you for sharing, I might give it a try this festive season!

    1. Still I would be careful, if you are allergic to lash glue, because even though these lashes don’t use the traditional glue, the eyeliner includes a magnetic glue system that you might react to. Possibly, because it’s vegan it will cause less harm, but if eventually you get them, do a test first on the back of your hand, just to be safe 😉

      1. Yes, the test is a great idea. Let´s see if I finally make my mind up and try some false lashes eventually!

      2. Look for the type of half lashes, which are easier to apply and less harmful for the eyes.

      3. Thank you so much for the tip!

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