Halloween Part 1: Collaboration with Gelina Cosmetics

Halloween week has arrived and we know Halloween is an excuse for all makeup enthusiasts to release their creativity. To recreate my first Halloween look of the year, I got inspired by the British makeup brand: Gelina Cosmetics. Their amazing vegan-friendly and cruelty-free eyeshadow and highlighter palette, Soul Twin and Soul Glow, was the magic I needed to come up with an easy look that might give you some ideas for your Halloween makeup. Find out more about this brand and by the end of this article, a discount code is available.

Two months ago I was already on the search for makeup to create some Halloween looks. I went on Instagram and found this new makeup brand with gorgeous makeup products. Gelina Cosmetics was launched in January 2021 and it’s UK based. Their affordable luxury products are very impressive for a brand that started in less than one year. When I contacted them for a collaboration on the blog, Angelina and Gee, the owners, were super friendly and so helpful.

I’m really thankful for the fact that they provided a discount code for my followers, which is available by the end of this article.

To get to know their makeup, I created a Halloween look with their eyeshadow and highlighter palette. Keep reading to discover more about these “beauties”.


Gelina Cosmetics Twin Soul Eyeshadow Palette
Gelina Cosmetics Twin Soul Eyeshadow Palette

Twin Soul is at a level of a Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette and costs only £25. Gelina Cosmetics eyeshadow palette is super pigmented, doesn’t have any fall out and there is a balance between the quantity of metallic and matte eyeshadows. From a scale of 1 until 10, I would give 10 to Twin Soul. Further down, you can see my Halloween makeup and how vibrant my eyes look like. What really left me speechless was the fact that after using the black eyeshadow, there wasn’t any fall out on my under eye area. I’m so used to get “panda” eyes, when I apply a black eyeshadow, but this time, there wasn’t any “panda” eyes.

My favourite shades are: Desire and Awakened.


Gelina Cosmetics Soul Glow Highlighter Palette
Gelina Cosmetics Soul Glow Highlighter Palette
Gelina Cosmetics Soul Glow Highlighter Palette Swatches

You need these highlighters in your life! My favourite Boo, is my ultimate favourite highlighter shade (check picture and video further down). They look natural on the skin, they are not patchy at all and they adapt to different skin tones.

I am really thrilled for having “bumped” into this makeup brand on Instagram. Gelina Cosmetics‘ products are high quality and luxurious.


Eye makeup done with Twin Soul Eyeshadow Palette
“Boo” highlighter shade from Soul Glow it creates a perfect glow on the cheekbone
Tik tok video style where I show which eyeshadows I have used for the Halloween makeup


Twin Soul Eyeshadow Palette – £25
Soul Glow Trio Highlighter Palette – £20



  • Get 10% off with code: MICHELE10

Get ready this week for another 2 Halloween looks coming up on Wednesday and Friday.

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  1. Love this Halloween makeup look! The glow highlighter palette is my favorite. I love highlighters and glowy makeup, It’s scary the amount of highlighting makeup products I own…

    1. If you like highlighters that much then you should try this palette, because it looks so natural, that I don’t even care if I exceed the “normal” highlighter dose 😁

      1. This palette is already on my wish list! I just need to finish the Mac Hyper Real Glow palette and make some room in my makeup collection!

      2. I totally understand you! That’s a good habit, finishing a product and only after get another one. I need to learn with you 😃

      3. It’s not easy with so many amazing beauty products out there, but otherwise l I’ll end up having makeup and skincare to last me for two lifetimes!

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