Bright Liquid Eyeshadows

Easy to apply, liquid eyeshadows are an essential for a quick makeup. They don’t require brushes and can be blended with just fingers. Good liquid eyeshadows are high pigmented, which means with just one application you get all the “buzz” on your eyelid. To raise the bar, I got some bright eyeshadows on Beauty Bay to see if I could get the best liquid pigment. Did I succeed? Let’s see if I did.

Before I left London, I made sure I got everything that I wouldn’t be able to have access to here in Tenerife. When I was considering what I might need, I couldn’t resist to get some new makeup and specifically high pigmented eyeshadows that would be easy to apply.

I went on Beauty Bay and purchased the following bright liquid eyeshadows:

  1. Stila Beach Wave
  2. Sample Beauty Oomph
  3. Beauty Bay Retro
  4. Kimchi Chic Cranberry
  5. LH Cosmetics Interstellar Multichrome
  6. BPerfect Mermaid
The swatches of each liquid eyeshadow that I bought on Beauty Bay


I love Stila liquid glitter eyeshadows. Beach Wave is composed by 2 mini liquid eyeshadows, one matte and one glittery. The lid is magnetic, so both lids can stay as just one, as picture below.

My review about this eyeshadow is that the matte and glitter mixed together work perfectly, but on its own, no way, at least for me. The matte side is a “washed off” blue and the glitter side could be more pigmented. Because they look better, when mixed together, it means that when the matte is applied, it needs a little bit of time to get dried until the glitter eyeshadow can be put on top. So, not the most practical liquid eyeshadow. Still you can see bellow how it looks on my eyes.

Stila Beach Wave on my eyes
Stila Beach Wave – £24


Sample Beauty Oomph applied on my eyes

The super bright lime green matte liquid eyeshadow Oomph from Sample Beauty is a statement colour that screams “boldness”. I absolutely love this colour! It’s very hard to find a beautiful bright liquid eyeshadow like this. The disadvantage of Oomph is that it should be blended evenly when the first layer is applied and afterwards the colour can be slowly built up, to avoid uncomfortable creasing on the eyelid. So again, not a quick application as I would desire, although the colour does make it up and the price too, only £5!


Beauty Bay Retro applied on my eyes

The Beauty Bay branded eyeshadow Retro looks like a bright blue glitter eyeshadow from the packaging, but once you apply it on the eyelid, it seems a mixture in between pale blue and pale green as you can see in the picture above. This liquid eyeshadow has the advantage, because of its pale colour, to be used daytime, without looking that you are prepared for a night out. Once again, Retro is like the eyeshadows mentioned above that it needs to be applied a few times to get a beautiful pigment.


Kimchi Chic Cranberry applied on my eyes

Kimchi Chic Cranberry is a beautiful bright burgundy colour that is perfect for a “glossy” eye makeup look. I did feel that if not blended the right way, it can crease, hence I would advise to blend it first and bit by bit add more colour. I had a similar colour like this from Tarte, that unfortunately is discontinued and I would say was better, but anyway was more expensive too, so I guess I cannot say much then.


LH Interstellar Multichrome applied on my eyes

It’s actually the first time I try something from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics. The liquid eyeshadow Interstellar Multichrome is a purple, green and pink 3D eyeshadow, however I think it has more purple pigment than green or pink. I do like this eyeshadow for an extravagant and unique look. The application of the eyeshadow is easy, quick and long lasting.


This is by far my favourite liquid eyeshadow. bPerfect Mermaid is super pigmented, super easy to apply, one application is enough, doesn’t crease, lasts forever and the price is amazing, only £8.95.

Next year when I’ll go to London, I will definitely get more colours. The emerald green and blue multichrome liquid eyeshadow is a must have for a night out or for a simple eyeliner for daytime.


This bright liquid eyeshadow shopping haul was perfect to update my makeup. I like the fact that I can carry a super pigmented eyeshadow that doesn’t need a brush and it can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. From the 6 eyeshadows, bPerfect is my top favourite. I can’t say I have one that I like the least, they all look stunning in my opinion. I think at the end, it was a successful shopping haul for high pigmented eyeshadows, even though some of them need more time to dry and be reapplied to get an intense pigmented look.

Wishing you a blissful weekend and thank you for reading.

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  1. The BPerfect Mermaid liquid eyeshadow looks amazing and it’s a value for money! Still amazed about how great it looks on you the neon green eyeshadow.

    1. The neon green is stunning true, but unfortunately not for everyday. Thank you for reading ❤

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