3 Mini Skirt Sets for Winter: from Yoins and Asos

Winter is frequently associated with trousers, leggings or long skirts, though mini skirts can still be worn in the cold season of winter, if the fabric provides a warm texture. I have selected three mini skirt outfits designed to keep your legs warm and show them off in winter. The glamourous mini skirt sets that I have combined are from Yoins and Asos. If you don’t know the fashion brand Yoins yet, there is a discount code by the end of the article to get you thrilled whilst you browse their website and discover more about their collection.

Even though I’m moving to the hot island of Tenerife, I’m still travelling to countries where autumn and winter are just around the corner. To make the transition easy when I’m travelling from Tenerife to a cold country and also to save space in my luggage, I realised mini skirts would be an amazing option. Now the question was, what type of mini skirts are suitable for winter? Keeping in mind I wanted something stylish, glamourous and at a good price, I browsed the online fashion brands YOINS and ASOS, which I knew would help me to stay in the budget I set up for this “mini skirt winter shopping”.

Yoins marketing team contacted me and they were super sweet. They wanted to help me with this article, when they found out that on my blog I write about fashion.

The result is a special discount code given to my followers which you can find at the end of this article and can be applied on all items of YOINS website.

And no, I won’t be earning any commission from any purchase you’ll do from Yoins.

The 3 mini skirt sets I came up with, are the best in my opinion for winter season. Let’s have a look!

By the way, my measurements are:
Chest 88 cm/34,6 inches
Waist 70 cm/27.6 inches
Hips 93 cm/36.6 inches
My height is 1,67 meters/5.5 feet
My weight is 56 kg/8.8 stones


Winter mini skirt set from Yoins and Asos

A faux leather mini skirt is sexy and most of the times associated with winter, plus the boyfriend blazer above on the picture is fleeced, giving extra warmth to your legs.

Here is the link of each item on the picture (the boots aren’t included, because they are from last year):

ASOS – £14.00
YOINS – £16.64
(I ordered a size UK6 or XS)

ASOS – £15
(I ordered a size UK6)


Winter mini skirt set from Yoins

Tweed is always a safe choice for a classic winter look. This mini dress from Yoins is absolutely stunning and it does keep your body warm.

Here is the link of each item on the picture (the boots aren’t included, because they are from last year):

YOINS – £16.64
(I ordered a size UK6 or XS)


Winter mini skirt set from Asos

A knitted mini skirt outfit for winter is comfortable, cosy and warming. This set from Asos it actually has good quality and it’s perfect for those winter sunny days in the park.

Here is the link of each item on the picture (the boots aren’t included, because they are from last year, yes these too!):

ASOS – Cardigan £17.60
(I ordered a size UK8)
ASOS – Skirt £16.00
(I ordered a size UK6)


  • For 15% off: RU15
  • For orders over £50, a discount of 20% can be applied with code: RU20

note: the delivery of a Yoins parcel can take up to 2 weeks.

Hope you enjoy this discount of many that are about to come on Halloween week 🙂

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  1. Love the three looks but that tweed mini dress from Yoins is divine! It looks great with a white shirt and boots. I will check if they deliver to Spain. Thank you for this style inspo!

    1. I’m pretty sure they’ll deliver in Spain. Order 1 item just to see if it corresponds to your expectations. The tweed dress i didn’t expect it would fit so well. Thank you for reading and feedback too💗

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