OGX Teatree Mint Conditioner and Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Leave in Cream Review

On the search for new products for my sensitive scalp and also for my split ends, I came across the OGX Teatree Mint Conditioner and Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Leave In Cream. Did these two new additions to my haircare routine fulfilled my expectations? Let’s find out more about them.

I have learnt a long time ago that products with menthol are the best to treat my scalp when my dermatitis flares up. When I discovered that my favourite scalp conditioner Redken Cerafill Defy was being discontinued, I got worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a substitute. There isn’t that many conditioners with menthol in the ingredients. You can find most of them with peppermint, but menthol is what a sensitive scalp needs. I had to search for a few days until I came upon the OGX Teatree Mint Conditioner, which it definitely seemed like what I was looking for. Obviously, whilst I was searching for a conditioner with menthol, I thought it was a good idea to get something for my split ends, caused by the straightening. You know as a beauty junkie, there is always a new “saviour” that will make miracles happen either to your hair or skin. Hence, once I laid my eyes on the leave-in-cream for blonde hair from Redken – Extreme Bleach Recovery, I was ready to buy it.


OGX Refreshing Scalp Teatree Mint Conditioner

OGX Teatree Mint Conditioner is so incredibly good! The smell, the rich texture, the hydration it gives to my scalp is unbelievable. I never thought I would like this conditioner more than the one from Redken that I have mentioned before.

The peppermint combined with tea tree and menthol are an “explosion” of freshness that reinvigorates deeply hair, scalp and even soul. The moment I massage my scalp with it, I feel like if I am in an aromatherapy spa. I literally look like those tv ads where the model looks like she is having an “orgasm” when washing her hair. You have to try to understand how luxurious this conditioner is.

Regarding the price, £8 it’s a really good price for such a good product like this.

Perhaps you are wondering why I didn’t get the shampoo of this range, if I like the conditioner so much. I didn’t, because I am well served with Olaplex 4 Shampoo. Nonetheless, I am used to apply on my scalp a conditioner with menthol and on my ends another conditioner to hydrate my blonde highlights. The reason I use two conditioners is because my scalp is sensitive and oily and the rest of my hair or ends are extremely dry due to colouring and straightening. This is why on my ends I like to use a specific conditioner or mask that targets dry blonde coloured hair.


Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Leave in Cream

I really find Redken Bleach Recovery Leave-in-Cream very similar to Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother. Both are really good, however since I have Olaplex 6, at the end I didn’t need this Redken leave-in. The positive part is that when Olaplex 6 will be finished, I don’t need to buy another.

Olaplex No 6 and Redken Bleach Recovery leave-in have a very similar texture and both strengthen and prepare hair to prevent damaging caused from blowdrying or straightening

Redken Bleach Recovery nourishes damaged hair, protecting hair from straightening. I normally apply a small amount on damp hair, after washing my hair, and distribute evenly through out the lengthening. After blow drying, hair gets smooth and shiny.

In terms of price, Redken Bleach Recovery has a better price comparing to Olaplex 6, meaning if both are identical, it’s better to go for Redken.

I have to admit I was expecting something extra or more unique when I ordered this leave-in. As I said previously, I wanted “the saviour” that would make my split ends disappear totally. Maybe I just have to accept that I am asking for too much! Anyway, I was surprised that it’s the same as Olaplex 6. Because of this, I started to think that when I was looking for a product for my split ends, I should have bought Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Lamellar Water, which is said to be an amazing hair product that leaves hair softer. It’s also said to be an innovative intensive conditioner. Well, next time…

What are your favourite hair products?

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  1. Great to know there’s a dupe for Olaplex N`6. I love this leave-in styling cream very much and as I only need to use a tiny bit it really lasts forever. Is Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery leave-in cream as concentrated as Olaplex Nº`6?

    1. Yes they are both the same and the result, at least for me, it’s exactly the same.

      1. Good! I´ll give it a go when I finish Olaplex Nº6.

      2. If you try it, let me know your opinion 😉

      3. I have tow bottles of Olaplex Nº3 still unoppened but I´ll try the Redken Extreme Bleach in the future to compare them both.

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