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My entrepreneurship skills have been put to the test since I started my LED beauty devices business. Hebe Youth Devices is composed at the moment by three devices based on LED light technology to rejuvenate skin. All the devices are now available online, at Hebe‘s website, in the UK market. A discount code is available by the end of the article.

LED beauty devices are an effective alternative to cosmetic procedures, reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

Mostly I have invested in this business because these devices can be used whilst doing other tasks, being practical for busy Moms or careerwomen that have a tight schedule that don’t allow them to take care of their beauty. It only takes 15 minutes of your day to improve your skin. All of the devices turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Until now the products were available only on amazon.co.uk, but I decided to stop selling on amazon and have them uniquely on the website.

See article here when I launched the business on amazon.co.uk.


Hebe Youth Devices‘s logo

The website has 3 products available, each one treats different concerns like pigmentation, acne, sagging neck or dark circles, besides targeting lost of elasticity. The products are: LED face mask, eye and jawline device. All of them use light therapy to penetrate deeply into the skin to bring the best and a more youthful skin.


LED Face Mask

This is my favourite product to transform a dull skin into a luminous, even and soft one. The mask device has three colours: red light to rejuvenate skin and diminish lines, blue light to reduce acne and blemishes, orange light to prevent and treat the first signs of pigmentation.

Click here to have more information about the wavelength of the LED light and how to use the device.

Watch the videos to see how I use this device.

How do I use the LED Face Mask
Another video of how I use the LED Face Mask


LED Eye Beauty Device

It might have a futuristic look, but these under eyes glasses are your best ally to get rid of puffiness and smooth expression lines. My best advise is to use the eye device straight away when you wake up to eliminate the morning puffiness. To effectively reduce dark circles, use the eye device at least 4 times a week.

Let me mention that when you change the intensity of the device, only one side of the glasses shows the wavelength change. To activate the massage mode, which is based on micro current stimulation, the power button has to be pressed just one time and the light will flash.

For more information about the device, check Instagram link below or click here.


LED Jawline Beauty Device

Using this jawline LED light therapy and massager regularly, it minimizes significantly double chin. The device offers 6 different programs according to your needs. My favourite jawline device program is: low frequency magnetic therapy where a vibrating massage is combined with a red light therapy . The device comes with a remote and is the remote that controls the program selection.

For more information about the device, check video below or click here.



At the checkout, insert the discount code HEBE15, for 15% discount.


  • All the devices are charged by USB and should be used between 3 to 4 times a week to present visible results within one month.
  • The LED hair device that was sold previously on amazon is at the moment out of stock, but hopefully for Black Friday it will be back in stock.

If you are interested in knowing why I gave up selling on amazon and also finding out more about what I have learned from the amazon FBA business model, on the first week of November, I will upload a Youtube video describing all my experience.

Bellow it’s a video of when I launched Hebe Youth Devices on my Youtube channel.

When I launched Hebe Youth Devices on April, I have publish this Youtube video.
On the same channel I will publish on the first week of November a video telling my experience about Amazon FBA.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Haven’t tried any led beauty device before, but these ones from Hebe look practical and convenient, plus a great way to maximise any at home skincare routine. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Yes that’s exactly the idea 😃 Thank you for reading ❤

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