What if you could find out in just one hour, what you can or cannot eat, what could improve your health and energy levels, would you be interested in? Kinesiology studies the body movement and it gives precise answers of what is malfunction in your body. I went to an appointment with a kinesiologist and I got more answers about my health in one hour, than 38 years of a lifetime going to a conventional medicine doctor. Get to know more about this practise.

When I went to Northern Ireland (click here to read about my trip), my best friend booked me for an appointment with a kinesiologist. Herself had gone to one and recommended me to do the same, since I complained about stomach cramps all my life, which worsened after my thirties. I could not believe that there was a practise like kinesiology and I was an ignorant, thinking that conventional medicine was my only solution. I can not tell you how many blood tests, different medical specialties I went to understand why I suffered so much of stomach cramps. I thought it was all related to my hyperthyroidism, which forced me two years ago to have a thyroidectomy intervention. I thought after removing my thyroid, I would be free of those cramps. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Has kinesiology given an answer to my “prayers”, yes it has and that’s why I decided to write this article, to help more people like me finding an answer for health problems that sometimes the traditional medicine can’t give.


Kinesiology studies the movement of the body, its physiological, anatomical, neuropsychological and biomechanical dynamics. The word derives from the Greek “kinesis”, meaning movement and “logia”, study. This alternative practise includes also techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, like for example acupuncture. Kinesiology identifies not only physical bodily problems, but also disturbances related to the energy flow in the body. To heal any body malfunction, a natural treatment is always prescribed based on natural supplements and herbs.


The sweet kinesiologist lady that observed me, put me comfortably laid down on the upholstered table bed and firstly asked me what was the reason or symptoms that made me book an appointment with her. After, she placed some small crystals with a liquid inside on the top of my chest and asked me to lift my right arm and kept it lifted strongly. She then pushed her hand against my arm and she would visualise the liquid inside the crystal how it would move. She would replace each crystal according to the specific body member that was being analysed. It seemed magic for me, never had seen something like that ever in my life. In less than one hour, she conclude that fruit and dairy from cow were the main factors that were causing my stomach cramps. She told me I didn’t have the enzymes to digest either fruit or cow dairy products. She advised me a specific diet, where besides fruit and dairy, nuts, sugar, kale and mushrooms should be avoided too. She also identified that my energy levels were low and my hormones were deregulated. I was prescribed a specific natural treatment with vitamin B complex, for my energy levels, caprylic acid, to balance the bacteria in my gut, betaine HCl with pepsin, for my digestion and agnus castus, to regulate my hormones. Each one of this supplements has to be taken in a particular order that she prescribed me. Some at lunch, tea or dinner time.

A medication based in natural supplements to treat the malfunctions that were diagnosed in my kinesiology appointment


My stomach cramps are almost inexistent now, only if I eat what she told me not to, I then have cramps again. My hormones are better, I know it, because my hairs are growing so slow, that I can be one month without waxing. Before the kinesiology appointment, I was waxing my body every week! Crazy! My energy levels have improved too, I don’t feel tired if I don’t sleep 8 hours. I’m so happy my best friend recommended me to go the kinesiologist!


I went to Belfast, in Northern Ireland, to Shirley McCaig, Natural Therapy Clinic. The phone number is: +44 2891 458 580.

The address is:

5 Bingham street East


BT20 5DP

Northern Ireland


As you can see in the image above, the price per appointment is £38.


My boyfriend recently went to a kinesiologist too, but in Tenerife and in less than one hour, he was told what he should or not eat and what were the major problems in his body. The only difference in this kinesiologist, is that they have used acupuncture as well.

If you have suffered from health problems that conventional medicine hasn’t been helpful giving answers to, I truly advise you to look for a kinesiologist in your area.

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  1. Kinesyology sounds like a very intersting approach o health. I also had to turn to non-conventional medicine to treat my thyroid problems and going off gluten was the turning point for me. Thank you for sharing your experience with Kinesiology, I didn’t know about its existence and I love learning everything related to natural and alternative medicine.

    1. You also have thyroid problems? Hyper or hypo?

      1. Yes, I do! What a coincidence!

    2. I just saw your other comment saying you have hypothyroidism. Mine is hyper. I thought I had problems with the gluten too, but the kinesiologist conclude gluten is not a problem for me. I wish I knew about kinesiology before I had the thyroidectomy.

      1. Yes, mine is hypothyroidism. Hence the super dry skin and hair, thin eyebrows, very pale complexion and this is just the outside. The thing is that hyper and hypo have mixed symptomatology beacause when I have autoinmune flare-ups I get hyper symptoms as well. Such a shame you didn´t know about kinesiology before your thyroidectomy. I hope you are feeling good from your condition now. Thyroid problems can be very hard to cope and affect the everyday.

  2. I’m learning to cope yes. I think as well because I’m trying to find an emotional balance through natural medicine, therapy and meditation, my thyroid problems are getting better slowly. Besides gluten, what else do you avoid?

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