El Rincon de Juan Carlos: Michelin Guide Restaurant in Tenerife

The first time I visited Tenerife I thought it was a small island, but I was so mistaken. This island has everything, different climates, diverse nature, several sports to practice, indoors and outdoors, shopping and mostly important, a lot of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. I have been enjoying every minute of my new life in Tenerife and the Restaurant El Rincon de Juan Carlos is part of a luxury experience that I would recommend, when you want to taste the best of Canary Islands cuisine whilst having the best view over the ocean. Find out more about this Michelin Guide restaurant with an exquisite A La Carte menu.

If you want to experience what heaven feels like, the pool view over the ocean in the resort Royal Hideaway Corales Suites will be a mandatory stop in Tenerife. The resort has the best A La Carte Restaurant that benefits from that stunning view. El Rincón de Juan Carlos is a luxury restaurant in La Caleta, one of the best areas in Tenerife for fine dining.

When you get in the resort and you are transported to the restaurant, it already prepares you for an exquisite experience – watch the short video bellow.

All your senses get awaken when you are savouring a meal in El Rincon de Juan Carlos: taste, sight, smell, touch (the dessert was cotton candy) and hearing (with chill out ambience music). Let me take you into an unique gastronomic journey.


El Rincon de Juan Carlos tasting menu
Starter tasting menu of El Rincon de Juan Carlos
Main dish tasting menu of El Rincon de Juan Carlos
Dessert tasting menu of El Rincon de Juan Carlos

The scrumptious tasting menu offers a distinguished food journey throughout every dish that is served. Bear in mind this is a tasting menu, meaning you get to taste all the dishes that you see in the menu, so imagine my excitement to discover I was about to eat all the dishes of the menu. Amazing!

The price of the tasting menu by person it is expensive, but totally worth it. Usually, here in Tenerife, in a fancy restaurant you pay by person between €50 up to €100. In El Rincon de Juan Carlos, it costs €200 by person. Well, you get to feel heaven as I said before, if that can be used as an argument.


I will let you be delighted by the pictures of each dish, which I wouldn’t make justice if I would try to describe it.

The marinated Canarian striped soldier shrimp and the Canarian black pudding with almond praline were my favourite dishes of the starter menu.


The highlight of this menu goes to the onion broth and truffle flakes served with a balanced sweet and sour truffle sauce.


Cotton candy dessert

The dazzling cotton candy tree dessert was definitely the “cherry on top of the cake”, after all those magnificent dishes. Each branch of the tree had a sweet delicacy. However, dessert wasn’t yet finished, there was still more to come.

The millefeuille was divine! By the end, there were so many sweets, that even for a sweet tooth like me, I couldn’t eat it all.


As most of A La Carte restaurants, there are always details that make the whole dining experience unforgettable.


The service is something that needs to be mentioned. The staff is nice and attentive. They are masters describing the food either in Spanish, as in English. This contributed for a memorable fine luxury food experience.

May you have a “tasteful” weekend 🙂

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  1. What an amazing experience to eat in El Rincon de Juan Carlos restaurant, a real must when visiting Tenerife. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading first of all! I’m glad you liked it 🤗❤

  2. Definitely looks delicious, especially the cotton candy tree! 😀

    (On a side note, many thanks for following The Monching’s Guide! Couldn’t comment on your About page, so I’ll just leave it here.)

  3. We were lucky enough to eat here about 3 years ago and it was a fabulous experience. It seems that the restaurant may have moved? When we ate there it was tucked away in a little side walk/street in Los Gigantes.

    1. Yes I think they moved. I noticed that when I searched for more details about the restaurant. It is an unforgettable lifetime experience, no doubt! Thank you for reading and for your comment 😊

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