Shoes with Changeable Heels

Did you ever imagine that in one pair of shoes, you could actually have two pair of shoes, just because you can change the heel? I was so surprised to find out there is in the market since 2017 this type of shoes that can be two in one, you can convert them from flat to high in just a few seconds. After discovering them, my question was: are they comfortable, are they resistant, is it easy to change the heel? All the answers in this article.

One beautiful day, I bumped into a youtube video reviewing some sort of shoes that you can change the heel. I could not believe there was something like this! I had to try them myself. I started researching which brands would do them and discovered four brands:

I was really eager to try one pair of heelchanger shoes. Which brand should I choose? Following days of research, I got to the conclusion Mime et Moi would be “the chosen one”. Let me take you, in detail, into the research I did and why at the end Mime et Moi was the one I preferred.


The youtube video I bumped into, was a review regarding Pashion Footwear. From that video, I was curious to try them, but I wonder if Pashion would suit my fashion taste for shoes. When I started browsing their website, I liked the sandals, but not the shoes. They looked, according to my taste, old fashion and the high heel wasn’t my “cup of tea”. However in the new collection (images above), they look more updated and both heels, flat and high, look better too.

The decisive factor that didn’t convince me was the price: £105 plus shipping, around £30, when I wouldn’t know if they would be comfortable or not and besides that on their website it isn’t very clear how the returns work outside US, altogether put me off.


Image taken from Runway Heels

Runway Heels, a North-American brand like Pashion Footwear, was made to suit stewardesses or workers that work for long hours standing. Because the shoes look orthopaedic like the ones you see in the pharmacies, I knew straight away this brand was a no for me. Surely, they must be super comfortable, but the type of design and heel is a double no!


Front web page of My Choupi Chouz

The shoes and heels from My Choupi Chouz seem amazing and fun. You can change the heel to a super colourful style and there are so many options to choose from! This French brand let you be creative with your shoes by playing with different types of heels, colours and even textures. You can go from a conservative black heel to an extravagant glittery heel. The disadvantage of this brand, if I understood well from their website, their shoes don’t come with any type of heel, so if you would want a flat and high heel for the same pair of shoes, you would have to buy two different heels, meaning an average cost of £200 (shoes+flat heel+high heel+shipping). Comparing to the other brands, their pair of shoes come with at least one type of heel, unfortunately, not the case of My Choupi Chouz.


Mime et Moi type of heels

Mime et Moi is a German brand that has a really wide selection of shoes and heels. Comparing to the brands that I referred above, Mime et Moi is the only one that has a stiletto heel and has sales through out the year. Since I like good deals, I went on their sale page and straight away fell in love with one pair of sandals. And you know how it is when a woman falls in love with a pair of shoes. You must have it! All the elements were aligned to convince me to purchase from Mime et Moi. The sandals were gorgeous, the price was perfect, the flat and high heel “to die for”, that was it!

The price of the sandals on sale was £70 and it included the flat heel. The high heel needed to be purchased on a side, so £30 extra. The shipping was £10. Thus, total price was £110. I liked as well the way their returns are explained on their website. If I wouldn’t like them, it would have been easy to return them. The shipping just took a little bit longer than I would expect, it took two weeks to arrive. Because of that, I contacted the customer service by email, just to make sure the sandals wouldn’t be lost, and they answered on the same day. Amazing customer service! Regarding the high heel, I ordered the super block 7cm, which I think at the moment is sold out. I think they only have 10cm.

Once they arrived, I was delighted to see how beautiful the sandals looked like in real life. I wore them and they are really comfortable, it actually seems you are walking with trainers, since it’s a non-slip rubber sole. I ordered my usual size, UK 5 or EU 38 and it fitted perfectly. Could I say that it can be considered a wide fit shoe? I would say yes, because I have a problem on my right foot that makes it go swollen very easily and the sandal fitted well the whole day. I wore them for 12 hours and not even one blister popped out, as it usually happens to me when I buy new sandals.

Bellow you can see the pictures of the sandals and how to change the heel. If you would like to buy them, click here.


Overall, this idea of shoes with changeable heels it’s pretty awesome. I love the concept of adapting or controlling the heel the way I want to. You are the “God” of your own shoes!

Me wearing the Mime et Moi “Maritima Rosa” Sandals.
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Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. I would have never found out about shoes with exchangeabe heeels if it weren’t for you. That’s the great thing about blogging and social media! This heel change idea is so cool and I agree with you Mime et Moi has got the nicest designs. The Maritima Rosa sandals are to die for!! Thank you so much for sharing this unique content!

    1. Yeah I was surprised as well, when I discovered these type of shoes exist since 2017. I think for events like wedding, work exhibitions, these type of shoes are absolutely perfect! Again thank you for reading the posts 😊

      1. Yes, they might come in very handy for these sort of events. I didn´t think of that!

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