Bicester Village: Mini Shopping Haul

If you like luxury designer clothes, Bicester Village, in Oxfordshire, UK, is a mandatory stop. You can find the most luxurious brands in clothing, jewellery and beauty, everything with discounted prices, making this outlet one of the top 3 outlets in Europe. I visited Bicester Village last week and in this article, I am sharing with you the items I got and the pictures I took from this beautiful outlet shopping centre.

From London, it will take you more or less one hour and half, depending on the traffic, to get to Bicester Village. The outlet it’s charming, cosy and it has a romantic atmosphere given by the beautiful flowers that adorn the streets.

Bicester Village

Once I stepped into the first store, Christian Louboutin, I knew it would be a hard task to leave empty handed. I had to remind myself that I was on a really tight budget, so I would have to choose carefully, especially since I wanted to buy just a few summer pieces to use in the Canary Islands, where I have been spending more time than in London. From Louboutin I didn’t get anything, because I wanted some summer shoes, colourful and comfortable, which I have found instead in Off-White.

Truth is temptation is everywhere in Bicester Village with competitive discounts in each high fashion store like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi, Dior, Gucci, etc.

I was glad that even though there were many opportunities to fall in temptation, I sticked to my budget, being by the end a mini shopping haul that consisted in:

  • A summer dress from All Saints,
  • A belt from Versace,
  • And a pair of sandals from Off-White.


The summer dress I got from All Saints
How All Saints dress looks like on me

I love satin dresses like these. They are comfortable, easy to carry in the luggage and look elegant. The price was unbelievable! Original price was £138 and with the outlet discount, plus the promotion of buying 3 items (my boyfriend got the other 2), it dropped to £28! Speechless! Totally worth it this All Saints dress!


The Versace belt I bought
I took belt size 80

A black belt is a must-have in any wardrobe. Leather designer belts can be expensive and I couldn’t resist to buy one with the discount they had in Bicester Village. The price of this Versace belt was £145 instead £285, incredible!


Off-White Fuchsia Shoe Lace Sandal
Detail on the heel of Off-White Fuchsia Shoe Lace Sandal
Off-White Fuchsia Shoe Lace Sandal
Off-White Fuchsia Shoe Lace Sandal

These gorgeous sandals are superb! I love the colours! Any sort of pink mixed with other bright colours, I just cannot resist! The sole and heel of 10 cm are so comfy. The price even better, from an original price of £510, with a 40% discount, it came down to £306!

You can see me wearing the Off-White sandals in the picture above where I’m wearing the All Saints dress.


A quick sneak peak of Bicester Village


It was lovely spending the day at Bicester outlet. All the sales assistants are nice and helpful. I love the fact that you can find good prices for high quality products either in fashion, beauty or jewellery.

Next time, Monica Vinader jewellery and possibly a designer bag will be in my shopping list.

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