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Whenever Beyonce launches a new collection of Ivy Park, it becomes a hot topic in town. The last launch, Adidas Ivy Park Rodeo, was an unexpected mixture of casual, sport and countryside elements. I got intrigued when Adidas released the collection trailer. Would this be the first time I would be tempted to own some Ivy Park clothing and not only accessories as previously? Well, the cowboy wide-leg snap jeans really persuaded me. A groovy and irreverent way of wearing jeans, yes please! To rock the jeans in the right way as Beyonce, the bodysuit was a must have as well. In the end, was it worth it? Read more to understand if all the fuss about Ivy Park is justified or not.

Every time I wanted a piece of clothing of Ivy Park, I was always late to get the most wanted items. The last collections, the hot items got sold out in less than 24 hours. By the time I would go to search for what I wanted, I would always end up only ordering accessories. The 3 accessories I own from Ivy Park I love them, so that only increased my desire to have Ivy Park‘s clothing.


Me wearing Ivy Park Rodeo
Me wearing Ivy Park Rodeo

Once the lookbook trailer of Ivy Park Rodeo was put on social media, I kept in my agenda the launching date and time: 19th of August, 11am. This time I was making sure I would be in time to get the pieces I wanted the most. The denim wide-leg snap trousers, denim bodysuit and obviously another accessory, the reversible monogram bucket hat, are now mine. Once I receive them, was I happy and satisfied with these fashion statement items?


Ivy Park denim wide-leg snap trousers
Detail of Ivy Park denim wide-leg snap trousers

Oh yes, Adidas Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Wide-Leg Snap Trousers are the fashion statement your wardrobe needs, if you want to be considered the coolest and audacious person in town. Because these jeans are extravagant when compared to a normal pair of jeans, you will need to be a confident woman to wear them, because everyone stares at you, at least that’s what happened to me when I wore them. Besides being stylish, are these jeans worth it? They are, although I find the sizing awkward.

My measurements are:
Chest 88 cm/34,6 inches
Waist 70 cm/27.6 inches
Hips 93 cm/36.6 inches
My height is 1,67 meters/5.5 feet
My weight is 56 kg/8.8 stones

I thought the size S would be ideal for me, but by the time I went to adidas website, that size was already sold out, in less than one hour of Ivy Park Rodeo launching. So I took risks and got the size XS. I was really scared it wouldn’t fit me, but it did. However I have to admit I would have preferred a few centimetres more in the waist, since it’s super tight. Should have I gotten the size S, well no, because then it would look huge on my hips. Therefore I say the size is awkward. I reckon if my waist was bigger, I would have needed the size S and after modify them into my measures.

About the price, £ 110, is ok, considering it’s a celebrity like Beyonce launching this collection. The material of the jeans is good too and the buttons detail with Ivy Park engraved are a high fashion detail that I personally really like.


Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Bodysuit

The back of Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Bodysuit

Unfortunately, the Adidas Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Bodysuit didn’t satisfy my expectations. It does look beautiful when I have it on, but it’s such a hassle to put it on and to take it out to go toilet. Regarding the size, I’m glad I managed to get the size S. Size XS wouldn’t fit me at all. Even though I got the right size, again same thing happened as I said above about the jeans, the sizing is strange. Bodysuit size S, fits me perfectly on my breast, but on my shoulders the straps are slightly loose and on the waist is extremely tight. I understand that the bodysuit was designed to be tight on the waist, since Beyonce likes the corset design style, however for a size S that corresponds to a size 8/10 it should be a bit looser. Still, this is not the reason why I say it didn’t satisfy me. What really upsets me in this bodysuit is that it doesn’t have buttons on the crotch area, meaning if you want to go toilet, you will have to undress it.

Detail of Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Bodysuit crotch area
Detail of Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Bodysuit crotch area

For £63, an Adidas collection with Beyonce, I would expect more. And the struggle of going toilet and get the bodysuit undressed doesn’t finish there. Because is tight on my waist, the only way I can close the bodysuit is if I have someone to button up the upper part. So , if I go toilet, how do I get to open myself the button on the upper part of my back? It’s an impossible task. The only way I can wear this bodysuit comfortably in the future is modifying it, but applying buttons or clips on the crotch.

Button in the upper part of Ivy Park Rodeo Denim Bodysuit


Ivy Park Rodeo Reversible monogram bucket hat

Ivy Park Rodeo Reversible monogram bucket hat

As said before, I love Ivy Park accessories. Adidas Ivy Park Reversible Monogram Bucket Hat is a beautiful reversible denim hat either for summer or winter. I got the size M/L and is perfect and it also fits my boyfriend. I would say the size up L/XL is only if you want an oversized “hip hop” look.

About the price, I think is reasonable. £43 for a reversible denim hat with Ivy Park logo in my opinion is worth it.


I will definitely keep buying the accessories. Regarding the clothing, I won’t order in the future any bodysuits. It’s not a comfortable piece to wear on a daily basis. The jeans, though, I really like them, so if in the future I see again an Ivy Park statement trousers like these, I will buy again.

Just a quick note about men Ivy Park collection, my boyfriend says it’s really comfortable and he loves the “hip hop” style of each collection. He didn’t have any problem with the sizing like I did. Lucky him…

By the way if you like the denim wide-leg snap trousers they are back in stock: click here.

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