Diet and exercise are the main factors to keep your body fit, but taking protein as a supplement can give you a little push to reach the fit levels you desire faster. After a work out replacing your energy levels with a vegan protein shake, will avoid the tiredness you might feel afterwards. Vegan protein is a healthy way to energize your body after a session of fitness and invigorate your muscles. I have two different sources of vegan protein that help my body to be fit in summer: one comes in a package of one kilo, from The Protein Works, perfect for everyday and another that comes in a small package of thirty grams, from Foodspring, perfect for when I travel.

I struggled for a long time to keep my body fit when I used to go on holidays, because vegan protein was my main source to feed my muscles and there weren’t any small portions suitable for traveling. You could only find packages of a minimum of half kilo and as you can imagine the last thing you want to take in your luggage is a powdery packaging that can open at any point. Trust me, I did that before, taking a packaging of half kilo of vegan protein in my luggage, putting it inside a plastic bag to keep it safe and still somehow the powder reached my other belongings. Plus imagine, you only need two servings of that big packaging whilst in holidays. Unfortunately, in the past there weren’t small packages of vegan protein, only from whey protein. Luckily, more recently, vegan protein is becoming more popular and now it’s easier to find it in a travel size.

Why I like taking protein? I have a skinny body constitution that needs some protein to help my muscles to grow healthily, without the need of overeating chicken. When you are trying to grow your muscles, chicken becomes the main ingredient of your diet, but for me it gets tiring to focus only in that source of protein.

When I started taking protein, four years ago, I was taking whey protein, but it always felt so heavy and used to give me a bloating sensation, because it included dairy ingredients. The moment I found out about vegan protein, I was able to take it every time after I exercised without feeling that “heaviness” in my stomach. My favourite protein became The Protein Works.


The Protein Works is my favourite everyday vegan protein and offers a good selection of flavours, transforming your vegan protein shake in a super tasty experience. There is no need anymore to sacrifice a healthy vegan protein shake into a “macrobiotic” taste. The Protein Works vegan protein is super delicious and my favourite flavours are: cookies and cream, strawberries and cream and vanilla creme. The price and quality are really good too.

They provide different types of vegan protein. For example, the Vegan Protein Extreme has vitamins and minerals added to the protein. However, I personally don’t like it, since it can be too much for your body to take after exercising in one go. That’s why I just take vegan protein and nothing else. Of course, you have to adapt to what feels best for you and according to your fitness goals.

The pictures above show you the ingredients and the nutrition value of their vegan protein.


Foodspring has my favourite vegan protein to travel. The taste is good, but it isn’t as tasteful as The Protein Works, but still when compared to other vegan proteins that I had in the past, the flavour is pleasant. The huge benefit of this protein brand is putting in the market a vegan protein that is pleasant and it’s available in a travel size for a good price. To select in their website the travel size vegan protein, search for vegan protein taster portion. It’s a package of 30g and you can select the quantity and flavour you want. In the picture you can see I chose the chocolate flavour and got 4 portions of 30g. Did I feel reenergized after I took this protein shake, following my work out whilst in holidays? I surely did, meaning it’s effective like the The Protein Works.


To add more flavour to the vegan protein shakes, blend it together with some fruits like avocado, strawberries or banana. It becomes a powerful superfood and it will give you natural vitamins and minerals, boosting your health after working out.

Healthy work out vibes for everyone 🙂

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