Dior Saddle Bag Mizza Fall 2021 Collection

Luxury designer accessories are always the most wanted, particularly when they offer something irreverent and unique. That’s the case of the new Dior 2021 fall collection where sophistication comes hand in hand with innovation and a dash of eccentricity. The new Dior saddle bag mizza embroidery, part of the new collection, proves that Dior is ready to be daring, break the rules and show us that classic can also be bold. I bring you all the details of this masterpiece bag.

When I went to Rome, I visit the Dior boutique in Via del Corso and right at the display, you could see the fantastic Dior 2021 fall collection with the visuals of Marco Lodola.

The collection exhibits tradition combined with modern and colourful elements. Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Christian Dior, brought new prints, designs and embroideries.

I have to admit, I am not a luxury designer person, since I always consider that the high prices that you end up paying should be used towards travelling, however, Dior is delivering a new way of seeing classic luxury fashion and that really attracts me.


The mizza embroidery leopard pattern print is a new fashion statement where Dior is bringing a fun, pop, joyful concept of French couture and I absolutely love it. The 2021 fall collection is a mixture of pop art, sportswear and lavish colours that no one can be indifferent to.


Once I stepped into Dior boutique in Rome and the nice sales assistant lady started presenting me the new items from the fall collection I was intrigued if I should invest or not. The “kinkiness” of the leopard pattern and the detail of the mizza embroidery totally blew my mind away. The moment I touched the new Saddle Bag in Beige Multicolor Mizza Embroidery and put it on my shoulder, I just couldn’t resist it.

If you feel captivated by this bag or its details, take a look at the pictures above.

I love the personality of this bag and how eye-catching it is every time I use it. The leopard pattern element together with the mizza embroidery and avant garde colours is an outstanding sign of how much Dior wants to revolutionize the classic concept of the luxury fashion industry.

Me wearing the new Dior Saddle Bag 2021 Fall Collection

What do you think of the new Dior 2021 fall collection?

Wishing you a great and fun weekend,

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  1. Great investment!! The bag is gorgeous and looks great on you!

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