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Camel Toe Proof Underwear

Leggings are part of every woman wardrobe’s and if you like to use them with crop tops, eventually you came across with the “camel toe” awkward situation. To prevent this situation, I did some research to find out what the fashion market offers to help women feeling more comfortable when the “camel toe” gets highlighted by leggings, tight trousers or shorts. I discovered underwear that is “camel toe” proof. However, there is more available in USA than UK and hopefully this article brings some attention to a gap in the British market regarding the “camel toe” proof underwear.

Vegan Protein

Diet and exercise are the main factors to keep your body fit, but taking protein as a supplement can give you a little push to reach the fit levels you desire faster. After a work out replacing your energy levels with a vegan protein shake, will avoid the tiredness you might feel afterwards. Vegan protein is a healthy way to energize your body after a session of fitness and invigorate your muscles. I have two different sources of vegan protein that help my body to be fit in summer: one comes in a package of one kilo, from The Protein Works, perfect for everyday and another that comes in a small package of thirty grams, from Foodspring, perfect for when I travel.

2021 Summer Shopping Haul: Ali Express + Asos

To style my summer tan, I shopped some outfits in Ali Express and Asos. They had some sales going on and I got advantage of it. Colourful sets, glam dresses and some comfortable clothes to go to the beach were the main goal of this summer shopping haul. In case you are on a budget to get new clothes for your holidays, get inspired by some of the fashion items I have purchased in Ali Express and Asos where you can find the corresponding links.

Dior Saddle Bag Mizza Fall 2021 Collection

Luxury designer accessories are always the most wanted, particularly when they offer something irreverent and unique. That’s the case of the new Dior 2021 fall collection where sophistication comes hand in hand with innovation and a dash of eccentricity. The new Dior saddle bag mizza embroidery, part of the new collection, proves that Dior is ready to be daring, break the rules and show us that classic can also be bold. I bring you all the details of this masterpiece bag.

Mellow Cosmetics Lipstick

If you haven’t heard before about Mellow Cosmetics, prepare to fall in love for this makeup brand. It’s an Australian brand that has expanded internationally and it’s cruelty free, vegan and paraben free. I have tried their high quality pigmented lipsticks and if you would like to try them, there is a discount available, right at the end of this article.


Holiday season is still on and what other place better than Sicily to have the best holidays this August? Discover places like Riserva dello Zingaro, Castellamare del Golfo, Alcamo, Erice and Palermo where you can find the best beaches and the best of what Italian cuisine has to offer. Find out about Sicilian traditional pastry such as genovese and cassata and the classic way of eating pistachio ice cream.