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Lingerie is like a woman’s second skin. It can make you feel comfortable, sexy, empowered or even glamourous. Lingerie is an important layer that describes intimately who you are or how you are feeling and thankfully it is available for any type of budget. From sexy to cosy underwear, either for a special occasion or for everyday, now it is easy to find anything in a very affordable price or if you wish something more fancy, you can opt for luxury lingerie. I chose some brands that can help you to release the best of your second skin according to your budget.

If there is anything in fashion that is essential to everyone, it is definitely lingerie. The fabric, texture, colour or design are all important when it comes the time to buy underwear, since it’s in contact with your skin 24/7. I selected some brands with different prices where you can either find basic underwear or seductive lingerie.


I love Primark‘s lingerie. It’s super affordable and pleasant on the skin. In the bigger Primark stores, like the one in Marble Arch or Tottenham Court Road, in London, you can find it for any taste, any occasion, any time of the day. For example feeling sexy or irresistible it’s not expensive anymore as it used to be years ago. They have different collections and according to the price, in my opinion, when it is really affordable, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last, however their premium collection it lasts and looks expensive. The pros, besides the price, is that they have sizes for everyone and the push ups are super comfortable. The con is that they don’t have an online store, so if you want Primark‘s underwear, you always have to face the long queues at the cashier points.


I consider Shein the online version of Primark. It is tricky to buy lingerie online, true, you are never quite sure if it will fit you or not, but with Shein it’s easy to return and get a refund quickly. I have a trick with Shein‘s bras, for example, if the bra doesn’t fit me properly and it’s a mesh bra like the one in the picture above, I normally remove the hoops. It works perfectly. I have bought already more than 10 lingerie sets and I’m really happy with the quality, considering the super affordable price.


Another online option is Asos. The advantage of Asos is that you can find a large selection of brands. It’s easy to find something according to your taste and budget. One of my favourite brands that they have is Bluebella, it’s sexy, with a design that looks like Victoria Secret, but at a medium budget. Another pro about Asos is that you have instant delivery, meaning you can order before 12 noon and your parcel gets delivered on the same day. The refunds are easy and their customer service for an online store is excellent. The con of Asos is exactly like any other online store, sometimes what you see in the picture it’s not as it seems in reality.


H&M has a wide selection of everyday underwear with neutral tones at a good price. It isn’t cheap as Primark or Shein and that’s why I put above “budget ££”, however it is still affordable and it has good quality.


If I want something fresh, youthful and modern, I like Tezenis‘ lingerie. The design and colours make you feel like a sexy and rebel teenager that still wants to feel comfy when moving. The prices are similar to H&M. At the moment you can take advantage of sale season like the bodysuit above.


Ann Summers is perfect for a bold woman that wants to feel empowered. The luxurious erotic lingerie has a medium budget, but you can now enjoy sale season and get for example the bodysuit with suspenders in the top picture. Their lace material has a high quality like Victoria Secret. They offer a good size selection for either petite or curvy women.


The classic and elegant collection of Intimissimi reminds me the luxury brand La Perla. The price range is more accessible when compared with La Perla, but even though is accessible, I consider it corresponds to a medium high budget. Intimissimi lingerie for me, represents the Italian glamour where romance and elegance are combined perfectly.


Maison Close is only available online and it can be bought on their website or websites like FARFETCH and Mayfair Stockings. At a medium high budget, in my opinion, they have the best provocative lingerie collection. If you want to seduce someone, this is the perfect brand. The quality is stunning, the design is unique, elegant and exudes eroticism.


The luxury brand Agent Provocateur offers a broad selection of comfy and sexy lingerie. It can adapt to every woman’s need, from everyday to a special occasion situation. The quality is superb and the size range is pretty big. In store, their service is personalised and does make you feel special.


La Perla – Limited Edition 1954 Collection

La Perla will always be my favourite luxury lingerie brand. It’s a well crafted, exquisite, elegant and timeless lingerie. The delicate and soft materials create the best lingerie style that can be worn worldwide. When you wear La Perla, you get the best from luxury Italian design. The service they offer in store is also extraordinary. Their limited editions like the one on the picture above, are sewed manually with old Italian techniques. So unique! I wish I could have all their collection!

Hope you enjoyed my selection. What lingerie brand would you choose?

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