Top 5 A La Carte Restaurants in Central London

Different cultures from all over the world merge in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world: London. This has contributed to an expansion of several type of cuisines. All sort of different exquisite flavours can be found in London, from French to Scandinavian or even Basque cuisine. “Her Majesty” city can take you into a journey where international gastronomy never ends, hence I came up with this article to narrow down the selection of Restaurants in Central London where you can eat the finest food. I made a selection of 5 A La Carte restaurants that serve the best of international cuisine.

Either you are living or just visiting London, you have to take advantage of what the city offers in terms of food. Its diversity, can transport you to anywhere in the world. I focussed my selection of a la carte restaurants only in Central London to make my job easier, since London is a big city with an infinity number of good restaurants. After deciding to focus in Central London, I chose 5 restaurants with the following type of cuisines: English, French, Scandinavian, Greek and Basque (from North of Spain). I know Italian, amongst so many others, is missing in my selection, but besides the top 5 that I have picked out, I suggest as well other 4 restaurants further down, just in case you might be unsatisfied with my choice. It was definitely a hard task to choose 5 a la carte restaurants.

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill – Park Walk, Chelsea

The Michelin Star chef Gordon Ramsay has several restaurants in London and one of them is Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill in Chelsea where you can eat his signature English dish: Beef Wellington. This main dish it always makes me come back for more. The juicy and tender beef wrapped in mushroom duxelles and crispy puff pastry is the best English dish in my opinion that you could ever eat in London. It is served with salad and mashed potatoes.

Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington

Aquavit – Piccadilly Circus

This Michelin Star Scandinavian restaurant will get you addicted to Nordic cuisine. Their exquisite dishes are pure art not only for the presentation, but also for the different approach for this type of cuisine. There is nothing in London like Aquavit.

La Poule au Pot – Sloane Square

For sophisticated French cuisine, La Poule Au Pot is definitely one of the best in central London, if not, the best. Dishes like les escargots (snails), boeuf bourguignon (classic beef stew) or onion soup will captivate your palate and leave you wishing for more.

OPSO Restaurant – Marylebone

This Greek restaurant is part of the Michelin Guide Restaurant and their dishes are served as tapas which enable you to try a little bit of everything. Because their dishes are a modern version of Greek cuisine, you will always find a “twist” in each dish that reinterprets what is considered tradition. For example, the Moussaka is served with smoked aubergine and straw potatoes, totally different from the traditional one.

Lurra – Edgware Road

Another Michelin Guide Restaurant is this Basque restaurant where the cuisine is known for the grilled meat and fish and spices like paprika. The food maybe judge as comfy food, however the way that is seasoned and cooked, it’s a more elaborated process, thus it’s amazingly tasty and with an unique flavour. I absolutely recommend it, if you haven’t been there yet. Note, the cheesecake is the best I tried so far.


La Mia Mamma – Chelsea – Best Italian homemade food ever in London.

Coq d’Argent – Restaurant Near Bank – This French restaurant has such a beautiful rooftop garden that is ideal for a romantic dinner or enjoying London sunset with friends.

Meraki – Fitzrovia – Another Greek restaurant where besides enjoying an amazing cuisine, you can also drink a cocktail in their intimate bar.

Madison – St Pauls – Probably the most famous rooftop in London with a stunning sunset over St Pauls. The view whilst eating or drinking will show you how Londoners like to party.

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