Makeup Products that Prevent Oily Skin

Most makeup products for oily skin promise to make wonders, but eventually, you either end up with your face too cakey with so much powder to control that excess of oil that always finds a way to show up in the least desired situations or having your skin breaking out from so much makeup that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. I have tried an infinity of makeup products to keep my oily skin under control, although only a few really do the job, without creating an overly matte effect. These are the makeup “treasures” for oily skin that I found that are effective and prevent my skin from breaking out.

If you have oily skin, welcome to the family! It’s been years and years that I have dealt with the issue of having a skin that it’s shiny in the T-zone. This issue led me to try so much makeup, as skincare. At last, I can tell I found my saviours to keep my skin looking healthy. These saviours have prevented my skin to suddenly become a flashlight when someone is taking a picture (if you have oily skin you know what I mean).

Even though this article is about makeup, always remember that skincare is super important to treat and hydrate oily skin. Often, oily skin lacks moisture and water, hence it’s essential to find the right skincare that will keep your skin balanced. At daytime, less is a must, especially if you will apply makeup after. For example, in the morning, for my face I only apply serum and spf, and if I have specific dry areas then I apply a rich cream just on those areas. At night to help my skin recover from lack of hydration, I always tend to use an anti ageing with a gel texture, which feels light and comfortable on my skin. You can find out more about my skincare in Skincare routine – Michele Goes Glossy.


  • Guerlain Meteorites Base – This primer I recommend if you want to achieve a glowy effect on skin, but making sure that your oily skin will be under control. The delicate shimmery pearls reflect the natural light when it hits your face, creating a luminous effect. To apply this primer, make sure that your skincare is totally absorbed. A few pumps are enough to prepare your skin for foundation. Let it dry completely before applying foundation.
  • Cover Fx Custom Blot Drops Oil Control – My favourite primer! The way it works, it seems magic. One pump mixed in your foundation and you will get a flawless skin where the word oil doesn’t exist. The texture it’s like a thick serum and when mixed with the foundation, it will transform your matte foundation into a more flowy formula. I really like this primer, because I don’t have to compensate in the powder to avoid oiliness. This way, you can still see my skin through the foundation, giving a natural look.


  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear – I have tried so many foundations and this is still the winner. In my article High End Liquid Foundations for Oily Skin – Michele Goes Glossy I tried the best foundations that are supposed to be long lasting and avoid oily skin. Only Lancome and Giorgio Armani Maestro convinced me. Unfortunately, Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation has been discontinued, so I was left with just Lancome. Foundations like Estee Lauder Double Wear and Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, unfortunately don’t work on my skin, they feel too heavy and make my skin itchy. Lancome Teint Idole mixed with Cover Fx Custom Blot Drops it’s the perfect formula I found to be able to make my oily T-zone to disappear and I can wear it everyday without having pimples. My shade is 049 Beige Peche. The advantage of this foundation is that in certain stores you can create your perfect shade, having a full personalised service and product.


  • Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Loose Powder and Universelle Compacte Compact Powder – Chanel powder feels super light on the skin and prevents completely the cakey effect. Hydrates your skin whilst controlling oiliness. It has a matte finish and it doesn’t sink in the lines. I really feel comfortable using this powder the whole day and the shade I use, 40 Dore, gives me a healthy skin tone. Some powders for oily skin transform your face into a pale white ghost, which in some cases highlights skin imperfections. I like to apply Chanel loose powder in the morning, after foundation. Through out the day, if I need to touch up, I use the compact version.
  • Affect Cosmetics Matte Effect Transparent Loose Rice Powder – I have been using this loose powder for already 3 years and I still didn’t find something so amazing like this. It has a long lasting mattifying effect in the most difficult oily areas like around the nose and forehead. I just don’t use it all over the face, because it makes my face look pale, but applying just on my T-zone does the job perfectly. This powder because it also smooth out lines, it can be applied on the under eye area and on the smile lines too. After applying foundation, I applied Affect powder on my oily problematic areas and after I apply the Chanel Loose Powder to give me a golden skin tone. Both of these powders work well together and they create a natural look, avoiding the cakey too powdery look. I consider Affect powder, one of the best in the market, even when compared with Huda Beauty. The only disadvantage of this powder is that you can only buy it online.


  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection – If I have to advise a setting spray that will truly control oiliness, this is the one. I love this version of Pollution Protection, since in London, pollution it really gets into your pores and contributes for more oiliness. Although when I am in the city, I use this setting spray, on holidays I tend to use Avene Thermal Water to hydrate my skin more because of sunbathing. I just advice Urban Decay All Nighter over Avene Thermal Water, because All Nighter is more effective on oily skin and for a special occasion is the ideal setting spray.

If you want to see a tutorial of how I use these makeup “treasures”, pay attention to my Instagram on Friday.

Hope you have a productive week with flawless skin! 🙂

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  1. I love this post! I have combo/oily skin and it’s really difficult to find products that really work! One product that I’ve been using for years and I love it’s the Dior Nude skin powder! It has a little color but it doesn’t cake at all! Xx

    1. Yes Dior has an amazing new Makeup range. Their Makeup improved so much. If you can try the Affect Powder I talk about. It’s super good. What foundation do you use for your oily skin?

    2. And by the way, thank you for reading the article 🤗

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