Facial Rejuvenation Procedures: Botox and Dermal Fillers

Science has evolved so much over the last decades, especially in the beauty department. Now we can fight against ageing on skin like never before due to the several procedures available in the market. Botox and dermal fillers are just some of the examples of what you can access to look younger. Once I reached 36 years old, I knew I wanted to take advantage of it and I did. It’s been now 2 years since then and this is my testimony. Does it compensate, is it worth it, did I start at the right age, does it hurt? There is so many questions until your first facial rejuvenation procedure. I hope my testimony will clear up all of your doubts, in case you still wondering if it’s for you or not.

First of all, in any cosmetic intervention, make sure to consult a professional with medical knowledge and experience that can advise you according to your needs. Remember that we all have different beauty concerns and our skin differs from person to person, hence it’s important to look for the right professional/medical help.


I was always very skeptical about putting botox in my face, but when I started to see the first signs of ageing, after I was 35, I began to consider if it would benefit me or not. Besides that, my natural thin lips, started to seem even thinner and overall gave a sagging image to my face.

When I was 36, whilst working as a retail makeup artist in Guerlain, one of my colleagues, Evita, came from a lip filler procedure and I was amazed. Her lips were looking fuller and so perfect! I knew I needed to have it. She then pass me Holly’s Instagram, her aesthetic practitioner. Check her Instagram page right below.

At the same time that I have contacted Holly, I started to do my own research just to make sure I was taking the right decision. Most of the articles I read, they were unanimous that the best age to start putting botox was at 35 years old and if you would have to do it before, it would be clearly because you suffered some premature ageing.

Regarding lip filler, I didn’t research that much, since Holly’s Instagram page showed me she knew what she was doing and I felt safe, especially after seeing my colleague Evita.


Botox or botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that keeps the muscles from releasing a neurotransmitter that tells those muscles to move. Botox application takes less than 5 minutes and within 1 week, the results are visible. It’s painless, thus there isn’t any need of a local anaesthesia, and it shouldn’t cause any swelling (skins are all different and some might be more sensitive).

I know many people decide to put botox after they pass the “barrier” of 50 years old, but from my research, doctors advise you not to leave it for that late, because some muscles loose their strength to a level that not even botox can revert the ageing effect. Of course, you can still put botox after 50, but bear in mind, you won’t get the same benefits as when you start at 35.

Don’t begin before 35. Why? Because skin is still naturally plumped and has enough collagen and natural hyaluronic acid to repair the first signs of ageing.

I would like to highlight that just because I started to have botox injections, it doesn’t mean everyone ought to have it like me. We are all free to choose what is best for ourselves and as long you are happy with or without it, that is the most important thing. I felt the need to do it, because as a beauty addict, I wanted to access everything I could to keep my skin young.

With that being said, when I was 36 years old, I had my first botox injection applied by Holly on the 3 areas: frown line, forehead and around the eyes. She uses Azzalure botox. Every year and only one time a year, I top up the botox application, always on those 3 areas.

On the picture, you can see how botox works on the eye area. The lines are reduced visibly and one of the first positive effects is when you apply eyeliner, the lines won’t get in your way.

On my forehead, I don’t have pictures to show you a before and after, but besides putting botox on my forehead, I also extend its effect with my Frownies patches, which I often talk about to my friends and if you are curious about it, you can read my articles My Amazon Favourites – Michele Goes Glossy and Skincare routine – Michele Goes Glossy. By using Frownies at night I have avoided expression and deep lines. I just put botox to freeze my forehead completely. So I would say, botox and Frownies are complimentary to each other.


  • Lip Filler

If you want to avoid surgery, fillers are the best option for facial rejuvenation. Fillers have a gel consistency that bring volume to the face and hydrate the skin. A local anaesthesia is necessary to avoid pain and the discomfort cause by the swelling after the filler application. It’s a quick intervention and it can take 2 up to 7 days for the swell and some bruising to go away. Holly always advise me to massage the area where the filler is injected and truth be told, I do see a difference on my lips when I stop massaging them.

I started to have filler in my lips at the same time I began with botox, when I was 36. I am really pleased I did it, because I do like the sexy effect it has in my lips, as you can see in the picture below.

Holly uses the Russian technique on the lips which emphasizes the cupid’s bow. She uses Juvederm Ultra and the first 2 years, 2019 and 2020, 1ml was injected each year. This year, was the first time I only did 0.7ml, since some filler from the previous years remained. However, because I paid for 1ml as every year, the 0.3ml that was left, Holly decided to apply it on my smile lines and I am glad she did it. It was the first time I had it on my smile lines and I can definitely tell it makes a difference.

  • Tear Trough Filler

This filler is used for the under eye area and Holly works with Teosyal Redensity 2. Teosyal is very effective in reducing dark circles and eliminating the sunken effect caused by ageing on the under eye area. The image beneath shows my under eyes before and after this procedure.

This year was the first time I tried this type of filler and it felt natural, meaning I didn’t have any reaction, swelling or bruising. The effect was visible straight after and evidently does its job.

On this picture you can see my lips a bit swollen after the intervention which is normal.

  • Chin and Jawline Filler

Again, for the first time this year, I tried as well filler in my chin and jawline to create a more sculpt effect on my face. Holly used 2ml Juvederm Volux for my chin and jawline. On the picture above, on the right side, after the Juvederm application you can see a more accentuated chin when compared with the one on the left, resulting in a younger face contour.

These last 2 photos were taken 4 hours after all the interventions this year referred above. Dark circles are gone, lips are plumped (a bit bruised, but after 2 days disappeared), no lines on the forehead, eyes and smile area.


What not to do after cosmetic procedures? For 48 hours, to reduce swelling and help skin to regenerate quicker, it’s advisable not to exercise and to avoid sun exposure or being in hot places.

It’s recommended to put ice wrapped in a cloth or towel on the areas where the dermal filler was injected. Massage those areas it’s also important. Particularly in the lips procedure, make sure to hydrate with an appropriate lip balm.

Daytime, always remember to use a sunscreen to protect your skin


If you decide to contact Holly and are curious about her prices, here is her list price. She does several treatments that I haven’t tried yet, but from her Instagram page and highlighted stories, you can get an impression and she’s super nice, she’s always ready to answer any doubt. Note that she always requests a deposit when booking an appointment for any of the procedures.

I hope this was helpful and if so, please like, comment and share. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Wish you a funny sunny weekend!

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  1. I am learning so much from you and I am tempted… Maybe after I have finished my cycle ride through Europe would be a good time to refresh the face 😊.

    1. Start with something small that you think you would feel comfortable with. And then you can tell, if it’s for you or not. Thank you for taking time to read the article. Kisses Reija 💋💋💋

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