Lumene – Finnish Skincare and Makeup: Collaboration Article with “Cycling For Cancer”

The arctic nature from Finland has gifted us with a powerful antioxidant and environment friendly skincare and makeup brand, called Lumene, that was presented to me way before being available in the UK, by my friend Reija, who is Finnish. She inspired me to write this article and with her help, we collaborated together to introduce you to the best products to get started with.


Before you get to discover more about Lumene, let me tell you that this is an article written in collaboration with my dear friend Reija, who also writes a blog: Home – Cycling For Cancer. She’s been using Lumene for a long time, since it’s a brand that comes from her home country, Finland. I asked for her advice to recommend the products that she thinks are the best to try.

We have collaborated before in another article, in case you haven’t read: Mineral Sunscreens – Protecting You And The Oceans – Cycling For Cancer.


You can only expect the best when an untouched beauty like Finnish nature is the base of a sustainable skin range launched in 1970 by the pharmaceutical company Orion. The brand name Lumene has its origin in the lake Lummenne in Central Finland. In Finland you can still find pristine forests and wetlands where 187 000 lakes and 32 000 natural springs are the source of Lumene skincare and makeup.

Northern Finland, where Reija comes from, is one of the last unspoilt sanctuaries on earth. In their products, Lumene combines a variety of hand-picked ingredients from these areas with Arctic spring water.

The northern climate is harsh with eight months of darkness followed by four months when the sun doesn’t set. The berries, seeds, plants, tree sap and mushrooms found in Northern Finland have adapted to this climate and to make the most of the four months of light.

The Arctic plants produce high levels of nutrients and antioxidants, and Lumene harnesses them in their products.

Lumene has been a market leader in Finland since its early days and was the first brand to use hand-picked, wild Finnish berries in its cosmetics products. Their Vitamin+ cream, from the Vitamin+ range, was selected the “best European anti-wrinkle cream” in a Europe-wide consumer study.


In 2010 Lumene launched their WaterSmart programme aimed to reduce water consumption. In the same year, the company also started to co-operate with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

More recently, in 2020, Lumene started working with Hiilipörssi (Carbon Market) to restore peatlands. The health of peatlands is vital in the battle against climate change as they trap huge amounts of carbon and help cool the climate.

L‌umene’s products include up to 99% naturally derived ingredients and 100% of their skincare and foundation formulas are vegan.


‌CC Color Correcting Cream SPF20

“This is my absolute all-time favourite, I can’t live without this product. I have been using it for years now; I forget how many, and have not wavered since first discovering it.

Most days I use nothing but the CC Cream and it lasts from dawn to dusk with no need to retouch. Even when I was having chemotherapy and the steroid pills I had to take with it gave me a very red face, the CC Cream worked wonders. Once I had applied it, there were no signs of the redness.

All Lumene products include gems from the Finnish nature. In the CC Cream, they use Nordic lingonberry and hydrating Arctic spring water. The cream spreads out evenly and leaves my complexion very natural looking. It is 100% vegan, protects skin against both UVA and UVB rays, comes in ten different tones and is suitable for all skin types.

Seriously, if I could only take one thing out of my makeup bag to a desert island, it would be this!”

Available from Amazon and from

Lumene Nordic-C Valo Day Cream SPF 15 and Lumene Nordic-C Valo Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream

“I have been using this duo for a few years now and am so happy with them. I often get disbelieving looks when I tell people my age. A few weeks ago, I even got asked for a proof of age when buying some beers in a supermarket.

I am sure I have Lumene to thank for my youthful and (reasonably) wrinkle free skin.

The day cream protects the skin against sun damage. It uses seed oil and seed extract from the wild arctic cloudberries, which also gives it a really pleasant scent. The day cream also has B5, C and E vitamins and light-reflective pigments for added radiance.

The cream is lightweight, and a little goes a long way. It is not sticky at all and therefore works perfectly under makeup. Especially under their CC Cream.”

The Sleeping Cream – “Just like the day cream, the sleeping cream uses seed extract and seed oil. In addition, it has A, B3, C and E vitamins, Arctic spring water and hyaluronic acid. Lumene says their new technology helps boost radiance and promote a healthy appearance overnight.

And I definitely have no complaints. I love the feel of the sleeping cream on my skin after a long day. It leaves my skin feeling instantly re-moisturised after removing my makeup and has the same pleasant smell as the day cream.

Both day and sleeping cream are (just like all their skincare formulas) 100% vegan.”

Available from John Lewis and from Amazon


Me personally, I have been trying a few samples of skincare that Reija gave me from the Nordic-C range: Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence and Nordic-C Glow Reveal Moisturizer, and I am so pleased with both, the smell of berries is so reinvigorating.

I love the texture of the serum Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence, because it’s a thick transparent, very hydrating formula and still very gentle on the skin. Being rich in vitamin C, brightens and repairs skin.

The Nordic-C Glow Reveal Moisturizer, I have used together with the Glow Boost Essence and the result is a soft luminous fresh skin.


In John Lewis in Oxford Street, London, you can find an extensive range of Lumene skincare and makeup. You can take all your doubts away and understand which product appeals more to you.

If you already tried Lumene, which product would you suggest?

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