Mineral Sunscreens – Protecting You And The Oceans: Collaboration Article with “Cycling For Cancer”

The new trend for your summer holidays should be ocean friendly mineral sunscreens. It’s important to understand that some chemicals are not only harmful for your skin, but also for oceans and coral reefs. My friend Reija who writes a blog too, invited me to write with her an article about sunscreens and the result is an article where we recommend three ocean friendly sunscreens that are worth trying.

When my friend Reija asked my advice about what best sunscreens are in the market to protect her skin whilst cycling, I promptly offer my beauty experience to help her. She is also a blogger and her blog Home – Cycling For Cancer, rises awareness about cancer and it supports the amazing service of The Royal Marsden Hospital. Soon, she and her partner will be heading to a new adventure of cycling Europe to raise a new campaign for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Because she has been cycling so much, in preparation for her upcoming cycling adventure, she got a sunburn in one warm day in London (can’t remember now, when was that!) and that led her to ask for my help to protect her skin safely from future sunburns. She then asked me to write an article about it and since I’m all about mineral sunscreens, we went a step further and wrote about ocean friendly sunscreens, choosing the best that we believe are not only safe for coral reefs, but also for your skin.

Protecting your skin and the environment should be your summer motto. Read more about our ocean friendly sunscreens recommendations in her blog. The link is right below,

Mineral Sunscreens – Protecting You And The Oceans – Cycling For Cancer

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