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The moment I put my eyes on a “Nina Moniz Da Maia” bag I instantly fell in love. The excellence and detailed design of her bags are a result of passion, hard work and so much dedication. Her brand has an inspiring story to tell that I had to write about. Find out too which bags I got from her handmade bag collection.

The pros of being a blogger is that you read so many interesting articles which normally on a social media platform like Instagram or Tiktok you wouldn’t have access to. One of the blogs that I follow called Beautyworkers blog, link below:

Beautyworkers blog – Whether you are looking for a product review or a beauty tip, this is your blog. We hope you enjoy!!! (

wrote this beautiful article about “Portuguese brands you need to know” where I came across with the unforgettable Nina Moniz Da Maia bags. Once I laid my eyes on her exquisite bag collection, I knew I needed to have them, even though I’m not a bag person. I don’t like to change bags too often, since I always forget something in the previous used bag. I don’t invest much on bags either, but if I decide to, especially if it’s a designer bag, it has to show personality and quality. I found in Nina Moniz da Maia bags exactly that. As a Portuguese bag design, I felt even more tempted to add one to my small bag collection. Then magic happen, I went to Nina Moniz da Maia Instagram profile and what a beautiful soul I have discovered. Nina Moniz da Maia is a talented down to earth Portuguese designer that puts all of her passion into her brand, constantly replying to customers questions, showing herself on Instagram how to combine her bags, which bags are available on her website, etc. She is unstoppable! As a new entrepreneur that I am now, I admire her so much for all the attention she gives to her business, creating a special bond between her and customers. For me she is an example! Before I keep telling her story, check her beautiful Instagram:

The first time I replied to one of her Instagram stories, I was so surprised she replied so sweetly to me and it has been like that since then. When I told her I had the desire to write an article about her brand, she promptly provided all the information I needed. She is the only designer I know to be so humble and available to answer any doubt in no time!

Her story motivates me so much. She studied management and economics, although her true childhood wish was to become a fashion designer. Whilst studying she felt her creativity couldn’t be unleashed and when her Dutch Grandmother passed away, she inherit her luxury designer bag collection of brands like Hermes, Chanel and Ferragamo, leading her later on to her true passion: design bags. Before she found her true call to design bags, she tried to create some leather bracelets that didn’t work out and pushed her to meditate about the next step in her creative career. Failure guide her to success! How? Whilst still trying to invest in the leather material for bracelets, she stumbled into a supplier that had a big piece of leather exposed, which triggered on her some curiosity: “What is that leather for?”. Once the supplier answered the big piece of leather was for bags, it planted a seed of a new project: Nina Moniz Da Maia bags. Such an inspiring story, right?

Being my first article about fashion accessories, I feel so proud to present a Portuguese brand full of potential to grow even more.

So what bags have I added to my collection?


Inez Cielo is absolutely stunning! The pastel blue colour leather bag exudes sophistication and femininity. The hardware of the bag evokes timeless design. Everything is Portuguese and handmade by Nina‘s small team of 10 people, apart from the leather that comes from Italy. Italian leather according to Nina, has a better correlation between price and quality. For all these reasons, this bag is a must have for me.


I was missing a nude colour bag in my collection and Mini G fits in so well. The interior of the bag, exactly like Inez Cielo, has a soft, high quality material that shows Nina‘s attention for detail. All the bags come with a strap, creating a versatile look that can be worn either with classic or sporty clothes.


Did you ever seen a designer writing herself a letter saying thank you? I haven’t and this detail when you purchase a Nina Moniz da Maia, turns the whole experience into a personalised and unforgettable moment. Besides the letter, she adds a bouquet of dry flowers which shows her dedication to her business.

All the bags come with a bag pouch to keep them protected and safe as seen on the picture above.


If you feel tempted to own a Nina Moniz da Maia bag, here is the website:

Products – Nina Moniz da Maia


What bag do you prefer?

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  1. Omg I’m so happy that you like Nina’s bags! They are absolutely beautiful and the quality is amazing! I feel that I did my job after reading this post! Thank you so much!!! 😘😘

    1. You definitely did 😊 I loooove her bags. I’m happy I came across your blog and I found them, thank you🙌

  2. Thank you so much for referencing our post!! We are so happy 😊

    1. Of course I would refer you. You are the main reason why I could write this post 😊

    1. Yes they are. Thank you 😊

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