My 3 Travel Favourite Items bought on Amazon

Summer holiday season is about to start and if you are planning to travel, I wrote a review of 3 items I got on Amazon that are essential when travelling. 

More and more, Amazon is where I buy most of my gadgets, electronics, organisers and items to protect from covid, labelled as must have in pandemic times. What I definitely like about it, is if the electronic or gadget item is defective, Amazon handles the return very quickly, being 100% safe when buying online.

The last times I travelled I had no idea how important 3 items I got from Amazon would become to a point that now I cannot travel without them. Therefore, I would like to recommend them.


The most used product worldwide at the moment, is obviously the face mask. When travelling, because the face mask stays “glued” on you, it’s crucial to get the right type of face mask that makes you feel comfortable, especially if you are flying long hours. The pack of 6 masks you see on the picture above are perfect and can be washable, helping to reduce waste to the environment. I love washable masks, since they can be reusable endless times and avoid the popular maskne effect, acne cause by the use of face masks. Another thing that made me select this product as my travel favourite is the fact that you have several colours to choose from and the price is also perfect: £6.99. If you ever seen my Instagram stories, surely you saw me, using non-stop the pastel blue and pink mask. I wash them every week and they still look impeccable as you can see on the picture. If you like them as much as I do, then click the shop now button bellow to access all the details.


These earbuds “live” in my ears! We are inseparable, lol. So far, they never run out of battery and trust me, I’m using them constantly and continuously. Since, I’m obsessed with any sort of pink colour, it’s no surprise I got them in pink! But don’t worry, if you think these earbuds would suit you, they come in 6 different colours. What are the pros and cons of this product? It has 18 months warranty, brings different silicone eartips, the case is small, it charges quick, lasts more than 6 hours, shows you the battery level and they are waterproof. Now the cons, the sound is too stereo, they can look a bit bulky when you have them in your ears and this type of headphones, if you are clumsy like me, you have to pay extra attention not to let them fall, particularly if you are in an airplane and they slip from your ears and if they fall in a hidden corner of your seat, under the chair or some other strange place, good luck to find it, without looking like a paranoiac “Sherlock Holmes”. Still, overall I like them and for the price, it works amazingly. If you want to check them, click the following link.


I am so impressed with this power bank. It can charge a device twice in full capacity, so your phone, computer or tablet will never run out of battery. This is definitely an essential when travelling and it does its jobs perfectly. I like as well, that it tells the percentage of battery, brings a cover and it can charge 2 devices at the same time. I had a power bank from Samsung which was double the price and the quality compared to Getihu, was so bad. That’s why Getihu power bank surprised me so positively. If your phone is always running out of battery, don’t hesitate in getting this item, it will save you from being without a phone, especially when you are travelling.

Ps-My power bank is splashed in white paint, because I forgot to move it away when my boyfriend and I were painting the flat walls in Tenerife.


And here I am using the pastel blue mask and the pink earbuds 🙂

Hope you liked my article and wish you safe travelling for your summer holidays Xx

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