2021 Spring Shopping Haul: Missguided, Asos, Mango, Zara

As a “loyal” online shopper and with the lockdown over in London, I couldn’t resist to get some outfits from Missguided, Asos, Mango and Zara. The result is this fashion post which shows you my choices for my spring wardrobe collection 2021.

As I said in one of my posts, as a tremendous online shopaholic, I use every excuse to do a little bit of shopping and knowing that lockdown would be over in London, I knew I needed some “Al fresco” outfits.

I wanted to invest in different styles: casual, classic, elegant, trendy or girly. I can never stick to just one style. I like my clothes to represent my mood, they are a sort of expression of what goes in my soul.

However I’m a shopaholic, I try to always respect a budget, hence I prefer online brands. I understand that buying online can mean trouble, because you can’t see the fabric and sometimes what you see on the website, it’s not what you get, but I have learned through out the years how to do it and give the illusion that my outfit looks more expensive that it actually is. The secret is dedicate time and patience until you find the perfect piece of clothe. The reason I like to be on a budget, is because fashion is always changing and once in a while, I feel tempted to renew my wardrobe, so in this way, I don’t force myself to stick to the same clothes over and over again. Again, I spoke on my previous fashion post about fast fashion and I’m considering to change my shopaholic habits, consequently you can expect another shopping haul from me only next year, yes you read well, I am putting myself on a challenge of not buying clothes for the rest of 2021. I hope I will be successful on this challenge, fingers crossed!

As you read on the title of this article, I got items from Missguided, Asos, Mango and Zara. I will put bellow the link of all the pieces you will see on the pictures. I wear a UK size 6 in all the brands, but if it’s a tight top, because of my cup D chest, I opt for a size 8, instead of 6. By the way, my apologies if some pictures look blurry, I promise to do better next time.

  1. Black Zip Front Unitard Jumpsuit | Missguided – This jumpsuit is nice to combine with a black blazer, it looks sexy and elegant, but it’s super see through. In fact, when I did the video for my Instagram, I realised if I will go out with this outfit I won’t be able to take the blazer off. Although, in the video you can see the jumpsuit on its own. When I noticed it, it was too late, so it stayed like that. The black blazer I got it from Zara, the link is further down.
  2. Black Rose Print Mesh Ruched Mini Dress | Missguided – Perfect dress for an “al fresco” evening.
  1. Peace + Love Black Bar Trim Satin Mini Dress | Missguided – My new little black dress! Amazing material!
  2. White Puff Sleeve Blazer Mini Dress | Missguided – I love an extravagant puff sleeves blazer dress like this. It’s a really good quality blazer dress.
  1. Club L London cuffed sleeve satin mini wrap dress | ASOS – This green dress is a must have.
  2. Missguided corset top with balloon sleeve in blush satin | ASOS – The blush coloured top is amazing.
  3. ASOS DESIGN mini high shine satin slip skirt in charcoal | ASOS – This skirt can be combined in so many different ways. It’s a versatile style that can fit any look.
  4. In The Style x Lorna Luxe faux leather leggings in black | ASOS – After so many years, I finally got my perfect fit in black faux leather leggings.
  5. ASOS DESIGN halter pleated cami midi dress in dobby spot | ASOS – Of course, I needed another pink outfit. I’m a pinky girl! The chiffon material of this dress gives a good dose of elegance.
  1. Saint Genies lace trim bodycon shorts in black | ASOS – The shorts are from Asos and I love this lace style on the seam of the shorts. It gives an eccentric “taste”. The fabric of the shorts is superb, it’s a high quality material. About the blazer, I used this one I got from Zara (link further down), since is part of this shopping haul, but in the future I will wear it with a boyfriend oversized style that will fit best with the shorts. When I use this combination with oversized boyfriend blazer I will put a picture on my Instagram to show you how good it looks.
  1. Structured suit blazer – Women | Mango United Kingdom and Pleated suit trousers – Women | Mango United Kingdom – This suit is so cute! I’m in love with baby blue colour clothes. This summer I would like to wear more this colour and this way I can escape from my obsession with pink, lol. The material of this suit is very thin and it has a soft peachy velvet sensation when you touch it. The trousers can only be worn in spring or summer, due to the thin material. By the way, I love buying from Mango online, since they pack everything so perfectly like a luxury online store.
  2. Drawstring flowy trousers – Women | Mango United Kingdom – This trousers will be my forever favourites to travel at least for spring and summer. The material is thin like the baby blue suit, but its soft touch feels amazingly comfortable on the skin. A must have for me.
  1. TAILORED DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER | ZARA United Kingdom – Don’t be angry at me, but this specific model of blazer I bought from Zara got sold out in less than two weeks, but they have a very similar style and still in black which corresponds to the link I put. The difference is tiny.


Happy spring shopping beautiful readers and bloggers 🙂

Enjoy weekend.

Lots of love Xx

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