Hebe Youth Devices: My Amazon FBA Business of LED Beauty Devices

I just launched my Amazon FBA Business dedicated to my new LED beauty device products. My company, Hebe Youth Devices, was a journey of patience and persistence. You can read about the whole process until the day the products were live on Amazon and discover why I decided to invest in LED beauty devices.

This must be one of the happiest day of my whole life. I dreamed with this day for such a long time! It’s been a year that I have been studying and planning how to create my own Amazon FBA Business. The day has arrived, today I’m launching my own business, based on fulfilment by Amazon.

The pandemic last year forced me to rethink about my career, as it happened to so many of us worldwide. As a makeup artist, I was classified as a risk group that being in contact with public, I could not work. This abrupt break in my life, was frustrating, suffocating and discouraging towards my goals. Luckily, a bit before the pandemic I met my boyfriend and he made me react. It was a tough journey of internal growth, that shaped me to learn to be more flexible with life, lower my expectations, fight with persistence, be more patient with myself and work on my consistency when focus on a new plan.

Finally today, I can say this is the start of a totally unknown path that I am so excited to be part of!

I made the decision of investing on Amazon FBA (fulfilment by amazon), because from the videos I watched on YouTube, they all preached it’s a business model that gives you freedom to have time for the people you love the most. As soon as I heard that, I was ready to know more details and move forward, without looking back. I have always craved to work for myself and dedicate my precious time to the things that are really important in life, like spending time with family, friends and travelling. This seem to be the best plan B to makeup. As any start of planning a business, I felt totally uncomfortable, I wanted to panic most of the times, considering Amazon FBA has specific procedures to be followed and I was like a new born stumbling here and there to keep myself standing on my feet. Of course, now looking back it’s all just a distant nightmare.

To made my mind up about the products that I wanted to invest in, it was a torment. What did I identify myself with, that would keep me motivated and passionate to pursue this dream of becoming a businesswoman? After, 8 months of studying the process of selling on Amazon, I had a clear idea of what was suitable for my personality: LED beauty devices. Five years ago, I started using LED face devices and the results were incredible. The spots on my face disappeared and my face was softer and more radiant. Plus, with my 10 years of experience in beauty, I knew this was the right decision. What made me as well, choosing the FBA model, was the fact that Amazon deals with all the boring part of storing the products in the warehouse, sending them to customers and deal with the returns. I was sure I didn’t want the fulfilled by merchant type of business, because all the tedious routine of preparing parcels to customers would drive me crazy. Probably my profit will be lower, but it will give me more freedom and this is a sacrifice I don’t mind paying for.

If you are considering selling online on Amazon, bear in mind that the whole task of finding the manufacturer, negotiating prices, creating the product listing on Amazon, prepare the shipping labels, in case is the fulfilment type of business and waiting for your shipment to be accepted, it will all take at least between 2 to 3 months. Also, due to the massive competition of the UK online market, the investment on publicity, it really smashes down the profit. This is a business that requires time, money and so much patience. Still, when you are focus on a target, no one can stop you. The key to succeed, as we always read in books, when launching a new business is always having a proactive, determined and a positive attitude towards finding solutions.

Now, down to my company of beauty devices! My company is called Hebe Youth Devices. Hebe was the Greek Goddess represented with a jug on her hand, which symbolises the fountain of youth. This inspired my logo, because the h and e from Hebe form a cup. My company is registered as a sole trader, it compensates more in terms of taxes, but being a sole trader, it brings the disadvantage of not being able to register my brand on Amazon. I’m saying this for the simple reason that you might go on Amazon look at my products and you will realise the brand showed on Amazon website is JXC, which corresponds to the company where the products are manufactured. Although, I intend to change it, once the business starts to fly

Hebe Youth Devices sells 4 different devices. Face mask, jawline/neck toner, eye mask and hair device to help those who suffer from hair loss mainly.

The 4 devices I’m selling on Amazon.co.uk

Why I chose specifically these products? I wanted a range of devices where you could be doing something else, meanwhile the devices are working without the need of stopping on purpose to take care of a beauty routine. In a hectic city lifestyle, we all want something practical that gives us the chance to multitask. These devices are perfect in that sense. You can be watching TV, cooking or working on the computer. Your hands don’t have to hold the device, all of them are hand free products. Another point in common is they are based on LED light therapy where the red light helps to boost blood circulation and improve the production of collagen and the blue light fights bacteria, eliminating the causes of acne and even hair loss. The prices I have applied are very competitive on the market. I wanted to assure myself, that my products were accessible to everyone. All four, just need to be used for 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. I have also 2 innovative products: the eye and hair device. The eye and the compact hair devices you see on the picture above are totally new in the UK market. The 3D eye beauty device reduces puffiness whilst firming the undereye area through a micro current wavelength that stimulates the skin cells. The hair regrowth device, it’s easy to travel with, can be put inside any hat and when used it’s unnoticeable. You might think the cost of the hair device of £200 is pricey, but comparing with the other similar products on Amazon, this price is actually reasonable.

  • If you are curious here are some posts on Hebe Youth Device’s Instagram page that show how they all work.
  • Here is also the link to the website:

Home | My Business (hebeyouthdevices.co.uk)

  • In case you want to know more details of the products and want to know how to get them on Amazon, you can click on the following links:
  • To boost my company on social media, I have uploaded a video on YouTube where I talk about all the items:

Hebe Youth Devices: My Amazon FBA Business of LED Beauty Devices – YouTube

I leave you with the quote of Kev Blackburn, an important reference on the Amazon FBA world, in the book “Tribe of Arbitragers: short arbitrage advice from successful online sellers”:

“Becoming comfortable with failure is the key to long-term success because the path to success is all about how much discomfort you can handle”

I hope this will give you motivation, if you are on the pursue of a business like me and all the sleepless nights may reward you with a lot of success 🙂

Whoever reads this article, I would like to ask you to follow @hebeyouthdevices Instagram page please. I will be forever thankful to have your support. Also if you have any advise to give, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts.

May new beginnings lead us to an unforeseen magical adventure!

Thank you for reading Xxx

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