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A week ago, was all about my skincare, this week it’s about my hair. You can have the most beautiful skin in the world, but if your hair looks rough, it seems that something is missing. Hair and skin go hand in hand. A bad hair day, we all have it once in a while, of course, but we all desire a bouncy hair that turn heads.

How my hair looks after all my haircare ritual 🙂

Let’s dig into the products that over the last years have been helping my hair to look healthier, silky and soft.

Before washing my hair, I like to use Olaplex to protect my hair during the washing process. This is important, because, whilst washing your hair, water can dry or damage your hair, causing frizzy hair, shampoo can take moist away from the hair and conditioner is not always enough to hydrate.

  • Olaplex No 0 Bond Builder – This is a primer for Olaplex No 3, meaning Olaplex No 0 and No 3 work together. This one specifically replenishes the look of dry hair, from the root until the end of your hair locks. Especially if you have chemical damaged hair and use straighteners often, this is the product that together with Olaplex No 3 will save your hair. I like to apply Olaplex No 0 directly on the scalp (even if you sensitive scalp like me, you can still apply on your scalp without any concerns) and after work it thoroughly until the ends. I discovered this must-have hair saviour when I went in Tenerife and my hairdresser there, Vanessa Lombard, recommended it to me, so my blond highlights wouldn’t cause more hair breakage.
  • Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector – It strengthens, repairs, regenerates and revitalises your hair locks. I apply this only on the length and ends of the hair, particularly on the split ends. Together with No 0, I like to leave for minimum 3 hours before I wash my hair

Redken is my favourite brand for washing my hair. Their selection of shampoo and conditioners covers all hair types and scalp conditions.

  • Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo – Since I started dying my hair blonde, extra care is vital. This purple shampoo is perfect to banish brassiness. Its colour-correcting formula infused with ultra-violet pigments, remove yellow undertones in blonde hair. Maintains a vibrant, luminous blond and it still nourishes your hair. Two years ago, I learned shampoo is meant to be applied only on the scalp. Then massage it evenly for a few minutes to eliminate all dirtiness. It should never be put on the ends, since it can dry them out.
  • Redken Color Extend Blondage Conditioner – This purple conditioner effectively detangles and moisturises hair, whilst keeping it cool and bright. My routine consists in putting it on the lengths of my hair, on towel dried hair and leave it for at least 10 minutes before rinse off.
  • Redken Cerafill Defy Conditioner – I use this specifically and only on my scalp, because I have scalp dermatitis and this conditioner works perfectly without drying my hair and still nourishes it, boosting hair growth and balancing my scalp pH. I don’t like to use the pharmacy conditioners for my scalp condition, because they always make my curly hair more frizzy than ever. Now you ask yourself, so why you use two conditioners? The reason is due to my blonde highlights. I always find, it makes my blonde hair go orange, hence I use Redken Color Extend Blondage Conditioner on the lengths.

After washing my hair, my curly hair requires a lot of hydration and even more if I make it straight. For my dermatitis, Betacap is key to treat my scaly scalp.

  • Betacap Scalp Application – One of my friends that suffers of the same condition as mine, recommended me this and it saved my life! You can only get it with prescription, meaning you will have to speak to your GP to make sure you are getting the right treatment for your scalp. After the first application, my dermatitis disappeared completely. Betacap is a strong and fast acting corticosteroid, reducing inflammation and calming down the immune system. It works as well as an antiseptic and includes an emollient that helps scalp to feel more comfortable. After towel dried hair, I part my hair section by section and I apply Betacap directly on my scalp and then massage it for a while.
  • Kerastase Discipline Oleo Relax Serum – I love Kerastase hair serums and oleo relax is perfect to use on damp hair, before blow-drying your hair. It tames unruly, frizzy curly hair like mine and it protects from getting damaged from the straightening. I normally use 4 pumps distributed evenly on the lengths and ends of my hair.
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime L’Original Hair Oil – After I straight my hair, this is the finest serum on the market that works best on my hair. It nourishes intensively and controls my small hairs. Besides giving a beautiful, healthy, shiny hair look, it smells deliciously, being the best way to finish all the haircare process. A few pumps applied throughout the hair are enough to leave your hair smooth and hydrated.


When I leave my hair naturally curly, I always have to use a leave-in hair product. From all the ones I tried so far in terms of quality and price, Umberto Giannini Creme de Curl is my favourite. My curls stay bouncy, defined and moisturised. It’s a vegan product that prevents curly hair to become frizzy and it smells lovely. How to apply? After I wash my hair, I use enough on all my hair and it can be left like that or blow-dried afterwards.

You can tell by the picture, my L’oreal Steampod Straightener has been used a lot. I have the first version, since 2017 and it’s the only straightener that keeps my hair straight for days. The steam released whilst straightening, turns curly hair into soft silky straight hair l. It reduces immensely any type of damage or breakage caused by straightening.

In February this year, I bought this travel size Olaplex No 6, but just two weeks ago, I tried it out and I definitely have to mention it as an amazing leave-in cream to apply before blow-drying or straightening. Olaplex Nr 6 Bond Smoother is a hair styling product that speeds up blow-drying and control flyaways for up to 72 hour.


What’s your haircare favourite product?

Lots of love and blessings Xxx

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