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Buying beauty items is no longer restricted to beauty stores, shopping malls or beauty specialized websites, now the big names of e-commerce like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Alibaba, are part of the competition as well for beauty products.

My favourite e-commerce website for beauty is definitely Amazon. It’s reliable, quick and the reviews play an important role on the purchase process. From the many items I bought so far, I wanted to focus on some I consider a must-have, three of them are related to beauty and the fourth it can’t be categorized as beauty, but it does give some glamour to your jewellery, creating a beautiful organization to them, hence it is included in this article (I am almost sure, you will thank me for that 🙂 ). Without further ado, let’s pass to my first recommendation.


Am I addicted to Frownies? I so am! Who knows me, knows I can’t live without it. Why? Because it delays any cosmetic intervention regarding deep lines and wrinkles. These patches work effectively whilst you are sleeping, to stop time on your face and keep your skin away from growing old. When I discovered this, 7 years ago on a British magazine, I was so excited to have found a miracle for wrinkles that didn’t force me to inject something in my skin, especially, because at 31 years old, I was super skeptical about botox. If I stayed without botox until I was 36, was thanks to Frownies. Even after I started doing botox at 36, once a year, to freeze completely my forehead expression line, I still use Frownies at night to avoid completely any line to become a visible wrinkle. Botox works normally for 6 months and after you will have to redo it and clearly I want to delay my botox touch up too, hence I keep using Frownies. On my smile lines , only last year I started to use Frownies and I can tell it has had a significant impact in reducing them.

To use these patches, you will need the Frownies Rose Water Hydrator with only natural ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and rose oil. The rose water hydrator will help the patches to stick on your face like glue, stopping your face to move whilst you are sleeping and working like a time machine capable of delaying the most stubborn lines to become visible on your face.

If you purchase Frownies and you are not sure how to use it, watch my last Instagram post, where I did a tutorial regarding my night skincare routine and you can see how I apply it. I had so many people curious about this beauty item that after 7 years of Frownies, I finally had to show my “secret”.

Bellow there’s the Amazon link to buy Frownies patches and rose hydrator.


In October 2019, I had a total thyroidectomy surgery, which left a scar on my neck. To treat and improve the scar texture, I came across with this amazing scar silicone tape. It doesn’t cause any allergy, it’s washable and it feels super comfortable. After almost 2 years of using it daily, I classify this item as an important healer in any surgery that leaves scar on your skin. Right after my surgery, when the stitches were removed, I started to use this tape, even at daytime on the 1st month to prevent the scar to get infected. Because It has a natural skin tone look, it was easy to use at daytime. Of course, getting rid of scar marks takes time, but this tape will accelerate the process and will force the excess of skin caused by the stitches to be pulled in, avoiding an ugly prominent scarring/keloid. From the 2nd month of surgery, I only use this tape at night. Eventually this year, I will post an article about my thyroidectomy and together with it some pictures that will show my scar evolution. If you are interest to see how does it look like when I put it on, watch the tutorial I refer above on my Instagram page about my night skincare routine. If you would like to buy it, here is the link.


After so many reviews on YouTube about this facial skin scrubber, I was decided to give it a try. My boyfriend was my lab rat and I was speechless. It removed all his pimples, blackheads and impurities. His face was so soft afterwards that it seemed he had gone to a professional facial. I still can’t believe how cheap this product is! I was definitely impressed! I made sure his face was moisty as it’s said on the instructions. For that I actually used Frownies Rose Water Hydrator and it worked perfectly. This device needs to be used diagonally or on angle of 90 degrees and I prefer to use it upwards. When I did it on myself, It cause some sensitivity, but it was so worth it once I saw my nose blackheads being removed. I only use this device once a month, because it’s a strong abrasive way of scrubbing your face, so for me that’s enough. This is the Amazon link:


I understand this is not a beauty item, however as I said previously, it helps your jewellery to become more beautifully presented and who doesn’t like to have its jewellery displayed elegantly? This organiser is super sturdy and it fits a lot of jewellery inside. To have my rings displayed nicely in the drawers, I got 2 velvet display trays that fit perfectly in the drawer and when I opened them, I feel like being in a jewellery store. So cute!

Links bellow:


Do you feel tempted to get any of the products above? What are your amazon favourites? Please let me know in the comments section bellow.

Hoping you have a radiant week full of good vibes, particularly if you are in London, where life seems to restart after a long period of lockdown Xxx

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