Easter in Bucharest

Spending Easter in Bucharest was a totally unplanned event, but I’m so glad it happened like this, because when you don’t have expectations, it’s when you enjoy the most.

My boyfriend and I had to go to Tenerife for work reasons and meanwhile we were there, he realised, he needed to come to his home country, which is Romania, to sort out some documents. When he said we would stop for one day in Bucharest, before heading to his home town, I was super happy. I was really curious to see a little bit of Bucharest and understand why Romanian say Bucharest is a “top” city. The little bit I saw today, I have to agree that is indeed a “top” city like Prague, but more fashionista.

We stay at our friends, who we normally spend holidays with, and they decided to take us to a trendy pop-up restaurant in centre of Bucharest. The moment we got there, I could already feel a vibe like Miami, one of my favourite places in the world, dj playing, good atmosphere, stylish people, I felt I was living a dream, considering since covid restrictions started, this fun part of life disappeared. Note, if you are wonder if covid safety protocols were followed, yes everything was made according to rules: dj playing outside, tables placed with enough social distancing and hand sanitizer was on every table. Now, back to the amazing Easter I passed in Bucharest, the music the dj played was exactly like the best nightclubs in Miami, it was so cool! Luckily for me, here their Easter is Orthodox, meaning today was a “normal” Sunday, perfect to be outside with friends. I hope, soon I will have the chance to come again and enjoy the city to the fullest. Here are some pictures and a video of of this awesome Easter!

What about your Easter? How was it?

Sending lots of love and positive vibes to start well this week 🙂

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