Santa Teresa Activewear

I have always been fascinated by Brazilian Fashion. As Portuguese, when you watch Brazilian TV series, you end up admiring their fine taste for fashion. The colours, fabrics and design always highlight the best of a woman’s body, either you are slim or curvy. The fact their fashion embrace and celebrate femininity, led them to be worldwide famous in bikinis. Brazilian bikini is a trademark that as a woman you want to wear and show it off. You can’t deny when you think about Brazil, Brazilian bikini certainly comes to your mind.

Under this notion , when my friend told me she was bringing activewear from Brazil, I got excited and of course I had to get something. Plus, as I said above, Brazilian fashion knows what colours to use to appeal the customer and considering pink is my favourite colour for clothing, when my friend post a pink set, that was it, I was totally convinced! Bellow you can see the set I am talking about:

My friend’s activewear brand is called “Santa Teresa”. Everything is 100% Brazilian. The fabric it feels so comfortable. I’m so happy I got this set. It seemed that it was waiting for me, because it was the last pink set. Lucky me!

The prices are affordable and actually don’t reflect the high quality. This whole set, for example is £40. If it would be a renowned brand, you would pay more for the same material and design.

I want to support and promote her superb brand. As I said above, the colours, fabrics and design used in Brazilian fashion are unique, a must-have for me. Possibly, she will have a bikini collection for summer, which I can’t wait for! Follow her brand on Instagram and pay attention to new collections, since they get sold out very quickly.

To conclude my first article of fashion in my blog, here is a picture of how I look with the pink set.

Let me know what do you think of it 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful day and thank you for all the support 🥰

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  1. The pink set looks great on you!

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