2020 Travelling – even after covid restrictions

My 2020 started full of dreams and hopes. A lot of planning was put into where to travel, what different cultures I would like to get to know better, what kind of local food I would be keen on trying. All the effort, to realise it was a waist of time, covid-19 was here to stay. My travelling plans changed of course, but I still managed to travel to some beautiful destinations in Europe, after covid-19 happened. Besides wanting to share with you those moments through pictures, let me show you first my intercontinental trip to Florida in January, before the pandemic.


I love Miami and it is definitely the right place to start the year. If I would have known the future I would have prolonged my holidays. Still, it was 2 amazing weeks. One in Miami and the other one in Palm Beach.

Miami’s atmosphere is so magnetic, energetic and bubbly. As soon as you arrive to Ocean Drive and South Beach, you just want to go for a dive in the sea and after that, a well- deserved cocktail served at some fancy rooftop with view to the ocean.

Beautiful South Beach
South Beach
South Beach
View from “One Hotel South Beach” rooftop
View from “One Hotel South Beach” rooftop
Pool on the rooftop of “One Hotel South Beach”

If you go to Miami, make sure to visit also Art Deco Historic District, Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue.

Nightlife in Miami is very lively, although when it’s low season, you don’t have many choices. Nevertheless, you can always find these 3 places open, no matter what season is: LIV, a club next to Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, Ocean Drive, full of latin salsa vibe clubs open until late, and Mokai Lounge.

Art Deco in the club “Mokai Lounge”

What about food? I would recommend 4 places: Time Out, you can find different restaurants with all sorts of cuisine, Bodega, mexican food on its best, Casa Tua, the best of Italian cuisine, and Chotto Matte, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian, where my recommendation goes to the refreshing ceviche .

Chotto Matte Restaurant
Headline when you arrive at Bodega


I didn’t have the chance to discover as much as I would like too, because the weather wasn’t the most pleasant, especially if you like to sunbathe as much as I do. Only on the last two days, the temperature increased and the rain stopped for good. Palm Beach Downtown and Ocean Boulevard were the highlight of this trip.

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach Downtown
Lake Worth Beach in South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach
Lake Worth Beach in South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach

South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach
South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach
Where to eat?
Benny’s on The Beach!
A very tasty lobster roll in Benny’s on the Beach


When covid-19 started to spread in Europe in March, my plans of visiting US again failed and the imposed lockdown in UK made travelling almost impossible. Luckily, some of the restrictions got eased in June, and my boyfriend and I managed to escape from “home sickness” and we went Cornwall and Durdle Door, all in UK, more specific, south of England.

With everything closed due to covid-19, the only thing left to do was camping on the beach, whilst drinking and watching the sunset. After being so many months at home, who cared about camping in a humid, sandy, cold beach? I was so grateful to be in a new place that wasn’t related to home in London. It was a short stay of 2 days in Gwithian Beach, where my boyfriend could delight himself doing bodyboard. Even tough camping is not allowed, no one bothered us and the locals were very easy to approach in case we needed help for directions. The con of wild camping in this area is that most probably you will be awake by some people walking their dogs in the morning and you can hear them sniffing relentlessly your tent! I would just like to stress, that if you do camping, ensure to clean any rubbish you leave around. On that note, here are some pictures of this adventure.

Our tent in Gwithian Beach, Cornwall.
Privileged seats on the beach😁

Rise and shine 😎
Gwithian Beach
Gwithian Beach
Gwithian Beach


I was so curious to visit for the first time the Jurassic Coast, I kept wondering myself if the landscape is as beautiful as seen in pictures or movies. The view is definitely stunning. Unfortunately with covid restrictions, the opening times to see Durdle Door changed and the morning view I wanted to have, didn’t happen. I wished for a perfect sunrise picture, that now stays in my dreams😒 Despite that, I really enjoyed being surrounded by a vibrant green landscape in contrast with a shiny blue sea water.

If you go to Durdle Door, it’s a must to visit Lulworth Cove. The picturesque scenario takes you to a cosy small village, giving you a sensation that time has stopped.

Durdle door
Durdle Door
Happy face😊
Durdle Door
The landscape around Durdle Door
Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Cove
Lulworth Cove


Did you know Tenerife has 30 microclimates? Yes, these microclimates contribute to one of the most beautiful islands I have been. I am so happy, my boyfriend took me there and showed me why he elected this island as his regular holiday destination. Thanks to the different temperatures the island has, you can either enjoy the summer breeze of the beach or the fresh crisp air of the mountain. Under this pandemic reality, Tenerife is the perfect destination, especially when intercontinental flights might look daunting. I don’t want to compare at all with Indonesia, Thailand, Seychelles, etc., but under these circumstances if you choose these destinations you take a serious risk of having your flight cancelled. Whoever lives in Europe that wants to avoid last minute flight cancelations and is craving already for summer, Tenerife is the place to be. All year mild to hot temperatures, endless activities to keep you busy and outside dining is still open after covid.

Quite recently I went there again and life still feels free and glamorous, especially coming from a lockdown in London, where the buzz of previous years has vanished.

There is so much to do and to visit in Tenerife. If you like water sports, you can go to Playa de Las Americas, Playa de Los Cristianos or Playa de El Medano. In these beaches you can surf, ride a jet sky or do scuba diving. I found scuba diving together with surf a major challenge, because I am not used to spend hours in the water, breathing underneath water and have waves beating my face constantly😄. Although I looked uncoordinated (very, I must admit🤪) , it did gave me a feeling of freedom. It’s always positive to face your fears.

I tried other activities like paragliding, karting, tennis and golf. A note that if you decide to try paragliding, prepare yourself with warm clothes, because in the mountains it can be really cold.

If these activities don’t appeal to you, you can always go to a zoo, a water park, rent a boat, a convertible sportive car or even a can-am stryker. So many things to do, that if you get tired, you can just go to the beach and sunbathe, easy! It’s impossible to get bored in Tenerife.

If you are a foodie like me, prepare yourself to fall in love for Canarian food. Local homemade food and wine can be found in the traditional Guachinche, where you will always have on the menu queso asado, halloumi cheese, mojo rojo y verde, red and green garlic sauce made of paprika or cilantro, papas arrugadas, a canary way of cooking potatoes, pollo frito, fried chicken, carne a la piedra, meat that you can cook on a hot stone, and as dessert, polvito uruguayo with caramel, cream and meringue.

If you are a spiritual person, you can try an Ayahuasca retreat in Arico, where Marc and Adellin will help through all the stages.. This is their facebook link, in case you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/ayahspiritu/

Ayahuasca is a drink used by Amazonian tribes, healing past traumas that can block your energy. Because contains DMT (hallucinogenic drug dimethyltryptamine), it can altered the state of consciousness, hence it should be done by an experienced shaman.

My ayahuasca experience was incredibly fulfilling. The fact I did it with my boyfriend, put me at ease and our connection grew even more. The 2 days retreat can be overwhelming for your body, since it can force your body to cleanse and purge all toxins. Nonetheless it’s worth it, my skin and soul were radiating after the retreat.

Let me tell you, if you are planning to visit Tenerife, I prefer the south, because most of the activities are located there and the weather is warmer when compared to north.

North of Tenerife is perfect if you prefer mild temperatures, shopping and discover the best Canarian traditional food.

I hope my pictures show the beauty and excitement of being in Tenerife🙂

La Caleta
La Caleta
The view from the room in Vincci La Plantacion Hotel
Sunset at Lounge Bar Roca Negra
Playa Paraiso
Playa Paraiso
Playa de Las Americas
Playa de Las Americas
Up and above the clouds🤗
Even more above than the previous picture. Above the clouds😍
The mountain view over El Teide
One of the Airbnb houses we stayed, in Santa Ursula
View from the bedroom in Santa Ursula
Sunset in one of the Airbnb in Callao Salvaje
Another Airbnb located in a banana plantation in Palm Mar
My first time paragliding
My first time paragliding
Going for a class of scuba diving
My first time surfing, hilarious 😆
Ride on a can-am stryker
Are we part of a squad team? No, we are just getting ready for a ride in the can-am stryker
Driving a golf buggy in our first lesson in Abama Golf
We rented a convertible mustang for one day. It was awesome!
Arico , where we did Ayahuasca retreat
Toucan bird in Jungle Park Zoo
Pinguins at Jungle Park Zoo
In Guachinche Otelo’s
Paella at La Calleja Tapas Bar
Codfish a la carte in Roca Santa Restaurant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A must go!
Chickens walk freely in this restaurant, Guachinche El Cubano
Ropa Vieja, one of the dishes we devoured in Guachinche El Cubano


In October I went Cyprus and stayed in Limassol for one week. I went there to enjoy my last days of summer and visiting the city wasn’t my priority. I only wanted to be laid down on the beach, tanning my skin and be soaked by the sea water. Therefore, you will have access to just a few pictures. I didn’t do much😏

At Columbia Beach
Lady’s Mile Beach
Lady’s Mile Beach
Blue Lagoon, in Paphos
Tanning in the boat
Blue Lagoon, in Paphos. I can’t get tired of this blue crystalline water
The city is full of stray cats and one decided to enjoy the pool
Taverna Agios Epiktitos in Limassol


Unforgettable Mykonos! After Cyprus, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Mykonos. The moment you walk out of the airport, a sensation of harmony hits you. The white houses, clear sea, warm sun, narrow roads, paint this cosy island with the most beautiful colours. These holidays could have been totally perfect, if it wasn’t for covid-19. Sadly all restaurants and bars closed at midnight and clubs were permanently closed, meaning no parties or after parties. We discovered a private party, which end up being so bad, that we left soon after being arrived. In a more positive perspective, the food left us astonished. Greek food is so delicious and in Mykonos everything looks and tastes so fresh! The best restaurant I could possibly recommend is called M-Eating. It seems like a tiny café, but inside has a spacious terrace that offers a very romantic atmosphere. I didn’t take pictures either from the restaurant or the food, however I assure you, everything is so yummy. My favourite dish was sous vide lamb.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Mykonos
Majestic Mykonos
Matoyianni Street
Matoyianni Street
Sunset at Little Venice
Little Venice
Airbnb villa where we stayed in
The sunset at the villa
Our last night was in Semeli Hotel Mykonos
Mille-feuille at Semeli Hotel
Semeli Hotel, Lounge Area
Our hotel room at Semeli Hotel
Catamaran Trip
Sunset on the Catamaran


After Mykonos, came Athens. My last trip of 2020! It was a short stay of 2 days. Coming from Mykonos I was already in love with Greek culture, but in Athens I fell even more! The hotel where we stayed was perfect, New Hotel Athens. The décor of the hotel, along with promptness of the staff, turned this short stay into a brilliant unforgettable end of holidays.

With only 2 days to enjoy Athens, we only managed to go to the Acropolis, eat at Nobu on the Greek Riviera and entertain ourselves with some cocktails at the hotel. I should point it out, how good the barmen of the hotel are in preparing cocktails. My zombie cocktail was the best I ever had.

Without further ado, here are the pictures of my last holiday in 2020.

The Parthenon, in Acropolis
View over the city from Acropolis

In the Acropolis Museum, how eyeshadows were made in Ancient Greece
One of the streets close to the Acropolis
Dinner at Nobu, in Greek Riviera
Bar area at New Hotel

How were your holidays in 2020? Let me know in the comments. Thank you 😘

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  1. Loved to read about all your travels. Great pictures, too.

    However, I now miss traveling even more! Let’s hope we can all getaway again soon.

    1. Thank you. I hope soon we will all have the possibility to travel freely like before. Meanwhile what we really need is ending this crazy lockdown and revive London!

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