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If you are a big fan of makeup and you like to buy a bargain, you need to read this post! This is the first time I decided to give Primark makeup a chance and OMG, I can’t believe I really liked it! Honestly I never thought Primark would be involved in the makeup “game”. I never even thought I would be writing a review about it and I would be praising the good quality their makeup has! Chocking! Plus it’s just a fiver for a foundation or an eyeshadow palette😮

When I was in store and I started to try the eyeshadows and highlighters, I got so enthusiastic, that I bought everything that was in front of me! I bought also the banana powder and I took a sample of the foundation. I didn’t buy the foundation, because you never know if it’s good or not until you try it for a whole day long.

Let’s get started with this exciting review!

After Party Eyeshadow Palette

The close up of these swatches (last pictures) are amazing, right! These eyeshadows are so smooth, so pigmented, so stunning, that for £5 I am still surprised how good they are! Primark, I was already a big fan of your clothing and accessories, but now definitely also makeup!

Urban Eyeshadow Palette

Is it my impression or not that this palette is a copy of the new eyeshadow palette of Urban Decay ‘Beached’? Especially if you don’t consider the yellow and green eyeshadows, all the others look exactly the same!

Again, another palette that is WOW, all the colors are fantastic!

Glowgetter Highlighting Palette

I took a picture of the swatches with and without flash light, so you could see properly the glow it gives to the skin.

I don’t understand why they have put a purple highlighter, I would rather use it as an eyeshadow instead of highlighter. Don’t you agree?

Glow Palette Highlight and Sculpt Cheek Palette

Again I took a picture with and without flash light. The one with the flash light on, shows you really well how intense these colors are. They can be used not only as highlighter, but also as eyeshadow or blush. Probably this is one of my favourite palettes amongst all the ones I got, because the orange is so unique and so pigmented, that it could be part of a Huda Beauty palette.

Custom Glow Liquid Highlighter

I was so skeptic to try this, just because it could make my skin look even more oily that it already is, but mixed with Primark Longwear Matte Foundation, it looked perfect. Actually i think this product it works marvellous when applied together with the foundation, it makes your skin look so healthy and fresh. I really recommend you to try this.

Banana Powder

This loose powder is ok, nothing special really, the color could be better. I find it too yellow. Don’t use it under the eyes as I did or you end up with your eyes darker than your face. This is the product a liked the least from this makeup haul.

Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation

To avoid spending money unnecessarily, even if it just costs £5, I thought it would be better to take my sample pot and get to try it first. I chose the shade Toffee and it’s a perfect match to my skin tone, as you can see bellow.

On this picture you can also see the “resistance” of this foundation on an oily skin as mine. Ten hours after and it seems I have a natural glowing skin🙂

Overall look using Primark Makeup

Final Thoughts

If you are skeptical like me about trying cheap makeup, put those fears behind your back and try Primark makeup. You’ll be surprised how good they became if compared to 2 years ago. PRIMARK I ❤ YOU 😁


I want to thank everyone that has been helping me to improve my blog and all the support and love I get from my followers. I feel grateful for your feedback as well.

I wish you all a nice Sunday and good summer vibes to start your week 😎😘

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  1. It is interesting to see budget high street retailer’s latest releases. There online campaign was a big hit, especially on Instagram. It is great to see this review , of rather a big haul with honest, informative and great review, Well done Mz. Michele!!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 i’m happy you liked it 💃

  2. Oh wow, I’ve bought eyeshadow singles from Primark before but I didn’t know they had stepped up their game that much. That after party palette is calling out my name.
    By the way you look insanely beautiful, it’s really unfair 😉
    Love xxx

    1. You’re sweet, thank you❤🙂 you need to try their new makeup range, it’s insane! They’ve improved a lot!

      1. I definitely will. Thanks for making me discover this.

  3. You are beauty! I have a lot of “Primark Makeup” things and I am in love with the quality.

    1. I was so surprised how they improved so much. Their makeup is totally worth it!

    2. Thank you for your feedback by the way❤

  4. I have always been worried about trying makeup from Primark but I will definitely be buying some this weekend! The results look amazing on you!

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