IMATS London 2018

How incredible it was my first time at IMATS in London. I loved being there, even if it was just for one day. I saw so much creativity, that I felt inspired and blessed to be part of a world that think outside the box.

Let me share with you my experience, the products I have tried, what I bought and the amazing looks I saw.

The event was in Olympia National and after passing the ticket area, you were able to see all the makeup stands. It felt magic seeing so much makeup, colors and unconventional looks. Check the video below 🙂

I took some pictures of the crazy stunning looks that were walking around the event. Take a glance.

Pretty cool, right?

I also liked a lot the makeup from the trainer of Kat Von D. She’s a trainer for North of UK. Here goes her instagram and the picture of the makeup she had it on. It looked so cool, that I want to recreate this look.

Another advantage of this huge makeup event, is being able to try new products. I had the opportunity to try the new palette from Urban Decay ‘Backtalk’. It has been launched already in US, but in UK stores is coming in June.

It looks like a combination of Naked Heat and Sin Afterglow palettes. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the swatches, sorry 🙁 I wasn’t very impressed when I tried it. The pigment isn’t that good, in my opinion. Maybe it’s because, I’m not a fan of the Naked palettes, despite having Naked 3. I love Urban Decay, but the single eyeshadows are so much better. Regardless the eyeshadows, the highlighters included in ‘Backtalk’ are fantastic.

I also tried the new collection of Jennifer Lopez for Inglot and I was definitely impressed by the pure pigment eyeshadows, they are striking.

The glitters from Danessa Myricks were also present on the Guru Makeup Emporium stand and I wish I could have bought them. They’re so beautiful 😍 She’s coming to London on the 2nd and 3rd of June for a masterclass and if it wasn’t for my masterclass booked with Karla Powell, I’d go for sure to Danessa’s.

One of the products it really got me excited to try for the first time, it was Diamond Dew from Lime Crime. They are so unique and fantastic. After holidays season, when my bank account allow me, I will buy a few of them, no doubt. The texture and pigment is just so perfect!

My priority on my makeup list was foundation palette and aquacolors from Kryolan and that’s the main reason I went to IMATS. I saved roughly £50 🙂

Here goes a picture of the palettes I got. I won’t swatch them, because they are reserved for special makeup occasions/freelance and since they are expensive, I have to be careful when using them 😋

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme, as you can see on the picture, can cover tattoos and if mixed with Kryolan Make-up Blend, on the picture above, it can become a light coverage foundation or concealer.

When I passed by Face Lace stand, I couldn’t resist to stop by and I end up buying the transparent holographic sheets, called Dazzliner. I can’t wait to try them!

To make my first time special in IMATS, I did on myself a festival look makeup and it turn out to be successful, since I got to be photographed by Revolution Pro and by this girl I met when coming out of IMATS 🙂 Below there is the picture taken by Revolution Pro. After that, the picture taken by Ami, which she posted on her instagram.

If you like this look, check my makeup tutorial tomorrow on my youtube channel.


Did you go to IMATS this year or in the past?


Thanks for everyone that has been giving me their support, feedback and positive energy.

Wish everyone an amazing weekend☀ 🥂💋

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  1. What an amazing place to be. enjoyed reading and interesting photos.. BTW like your festival look as well 👍

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