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I have been loving the fact that makeup collections from fashion designer brands are becoming colorful and more trendy than before. When Dior launched DiorShow On Stage Liners I was so surprised to see a “rainbow” of eyeliners suitable for any makeup geek. I was even more surprised to know that in one week some of the colors sold out, proving the classic black and brown eyeliner have new competitors 🙂

Posting a review about these eyeliners it is has been done already and even Pixiwoo have written about it. However, I wanted to pass my impression and I needed to prove for myself that it was worth paying £26.

As soon as I swatched them on my arm, I know I fell in love and the finish was perfect. It’s definitely waterproof, because after trying one of them on my hand, I had shower and it was still there untouchable! Impressive, right? Especially if you have in mind that a colorful eyeliner, for example the ones from Nyx, they crack and are very easy to remove. Dior On Stage liners last forever!

These pen liners are easy to use and to apply. The felt tip slides efortlessly, creating the perfect flick.

There is 14 shades and most of them are matte, except the pearly blue Nr 351, pearly bronze Nr 466 and vinyl black Nr 096 (you have the shades in the picture below).

Although I was so amazed, every silver lining has a cloud and I have to say I was disappointed by the black eyeliners. They are very runny and they bleed everywhere, especially the matte black. I think the colorful liners have an amazing formula which feels like magic when you put them on, but the black ones are not worth at all.

Here goes my pictures of the collection and its swatches. I decided to listed them just by numbers and not by names as it comes on the packaging. I took pictures with and without flash, so you could have a better perception of the colors.

Unfortunately, because I’m on a tight budget this month, I could only afford myself to buy one liner and my choice was the matte white Nr 001. If I could, I would have bought also the matte pink and green 😔 Maybe in the future🤔

I so needed a white eyeliner and I am so happy I got this. Heres goes two different makeup’s where I used it. On the second picture I used it to create a perfect halo cut crease.


Briefly, pros and cons:

  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting
  • Felt tip creates a precise eyeliner flick
  • Intense pigment


  • Both matte and vinyl black liners are not worth £26
  • Once it’s applied, it dries so quickly, that if you do any mistake doing the flick, you will have to use a makeup remover to take it off.


Have you tried them already? If so, share with me what colors you bought and your feedback.

Thanks for reading and since we are close to the weekend, I wish you an awesome weekend 💋💋💋

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  1. They are gorgeous…I have tried it and did my recent post on it and Diorshow plump ‘N’ Volume mascara too. did you get a chance to try Diorshow Plump ‘N’ Volume mascara? its an amazing one. I am totally impressed.😍


    1. I tried them too, yes. They are amazing! Dior makeup it’s becoming so much colorful than it used to be. I love it!

  2. I like to wear white on my inside eye rim, can this be used for that? Best one I found so far was Barry M Kohl pencil in white. Thanks!

    1. I wouldn’t use it for that. It’s better if you keep using a kohl pencil 🙂

  3. Ok, thank you so much, will do!

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