Beauty Boxes: Glossybox vs Beauty Pie

Nowadays it became easier to have access to new beauty products every month at affordable prices and good quality by subscribing beauty boxes.

I subscribed for the first time two beauty boxes: Glossybox and Beauty Pie. The concepts are completely different: Glossybox “surprises” you; Beauty Pie, instead, you choose what you want, purchasing high quality products at a very low cost.

Let’s find out the difference between them more in deep.


First of all, I love the packaging, it’s so girly and it gives you a sensation that somebody sent you a gift. When I opened this pastel pink box it was so exciting, that made the £10 monthly subscription completely worth it.

This Glossybox is the one from April and in this edition, these were the items received:

  • Glossybox angled brush
  • Matt transparent loose rice powder from Affect Cosmetics
  • Fat liquid eyeliner from Eyeko London
  • Unicorn marshmallow foamburst limited edition from Imperial Leather
  • Karl Lagerfeld baked blush in rose beige from ModelCo

This synthetic angled brush I can’t say it’s over the top, but it does the job, if for example, you want to fill your eyebrows in.

I like this loose powder, because besides being perfect for baking, the smell is amazing. The only thing I don’t like it’s the fact that the package doesn’t close properly, being impossible to carry in my makeup bag.

This eyeliner from Eyeko it’s not my favourite at all. Due to its thick tip, I find it hard to apply. I would only use this eyeliner for kind of “artistic/editorial” makeup look, where you might want to draw a thick dramatic liner.

Imperial Leather unicorn foamburst was my favourite product from April’s Glossybox. The smell, the texture, the smoothness it gives to your skin are just incredible! This shower gel in mousse texture it’s so good, that as soon as it finished, I had to buy another one. Plus, it’s so cheap considering the good quality! I just wish it wasn’t limited edition.

Karl Lagerfeld baked blush in rose beige from ModelCo it’s more like a highlighter. I took a picture with and without flash, so you could see the glow it gives.


The packaging it’s less glamorous if compared with Glossybox, but you get access to better products.

The concept behind Beauty Pie is totally distinct from Glossybox.

I discovered this beauty box on the website, where they explain perfectly what the idea is:

Beauty Pie is about to revolutionise the way you buy makeup. The digital-only make-up brand cuts out the middleman and the mark-ups, allowing you to buy direct from factories that also supply the majority of luxury beauty brands. For just £10 a month, you’re given a shopping allowance of up to £100 retail price but you only pay factory cost. For example, Beauty Pie’s Precision Eyeliner Marker is valued at £16 retail cost (and looks suspiciously like Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner) but it will only set you back a mere £1.50.

Beauty Pie website it opens a wide world of high-end cosmetics, at a very reduced price, just because it doesn’t have a recognized brand labeled.

A big selection of makeup items, but also skincare are available.

The big issue for me is that £100 allowance is not enough, even if on the first month you have £150. Unfortunately, the allowance falls over the retail price and not the factory cost, meaning you pay £5 for an item, but retail price is £70, so if your allowance it’s £100, it will be reduced to £30.

This beauty box option, you get more quality, but you end up spending more money. There is a minimum subscription of £10 for 3 months. The £10 don’t include products, only subscription. Therefore, you still have to pay for the products. Even if you are charged a cheap factory price, you will spend at least £25, including shipping.

I chose one skincare and 2 makeup items:

  • Overnight skin perfector
  • Pro-glow highlighter
  • The ten best neutral eye shadows

This gentle retinol night treatment is absolutely fantastic. It can be used twice a week and improves the texture of your skin. I didn’t react to it, my skin looked amazing when I woke up and it minimized my pores.

I can’t wait to buy more skincare from Beauty Pie.

I had so many expectations for this highlighter. It looks so attractive on the pictures, but on my skin it didn’t work. On my warm medium yellow undertone, it disappears. So, I guess I will use it only as an eyeshadow 😕

The ten best neutral eyeshadow palette is at the moment my favourite eye palette to do my makeup for work. I work for a cosmetic brand where I am required to use natural eye makeup and this palette is so perfect. The eyeshadows are easy to blend and they are long lasting.

Here goes an eye makeup with this stunning palette.


  • Cheap, only £10 monthly for 5 items
  • On April’s edition the products were full sizes
  • Beautiful packaging
  • You don’t know what you will get on the following months
  • From the 5 items, I only use 1 daily: the Imperial Leather foamburst. The rest of the items are in my makeup drawer.


  • The quality is so superior when compared to Glossybox
  • Broad selection of cosmetics, from face masks, day and night skincare, foundations, eye pencils, lipsticks, you name it
  • I saved £116, if I had to pay for a high-end brand label
  • You can’t try the products before buying
  • Expensive
  • Shipping makes it even more expensive
  • Total bill➡subscription+items+shipping = £35.44 ➡that’s how much I have paid 😲


Clearly for me Beauty Pie wins, even if it’s more expensive and you get less products, but you can choose what you want and what you really need. The quality is better too.


I hope you find this post useful 🙂

Thanks for reading and for your support Xx

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