Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

When the makeup theme is about Huda Beauty, everyone worships her eyeshadow palettes. Even if you don’t have one yet, either you desire to have it or at least you have heard about this highly pigmented palettes.

The first time the hype started around her eyeshadow palettes, I couldn’t understand, until I got Desert Dusk! I used it for a whole month, everyday, which is something rare, because I normally like to use different palettes.

When she launch the small palettes, I was intrigued if I should get one or not, but I’m happy I’ve waited so far, because now I have on my hands the one I consider the most beautiful amongst the small palettes collection.

Therefore, I have the pleasure to present you the newest acquisition in this collection: the Gemstone Obsessions!

I’m in love with these colors, texture and pigment. Maybe you have noticed already, blue is one of my favourite colors, hence I got this palette. The first time I swatched the blue eyeshadow, I couldn’t have enough of it, because it becomes a duochrome color between blue and purple. It’s so beautiful! Plus, the price is so good, £25 for these 9 exquisite eyeshadows, it seems like a dream, a very good dream 😊

If you know Huda Beauty inside out, maybe you’re asking yourself, why I didn’t get the other small palette, launched at the same time: Coral Obsessions. Well, it’s only warm tones and I have enough palettes like that.

I used this palette yesterday and here goes a picture with the final look I created.

Check my instagram, if you’re interested in this eye makeup. I uploaded a short video of how I did it.

  • Final Thoughts

The quality of these pigments is so good, that you can apply and blend them with your fingers. There’s no need to use a brush, making the application so quick, especially if you’re in a rush and you want your eye makeup to impress.

If you want to get even more pigment, just apply a mixing solution for loose pigment on your eyelids, before you apply the eyeshadow.


Hope you find my review useful, even if it’s about another eyeshadow palette. Well, there’s actually more palettes I will review this month. I’m obsessed about it🙈

Thanks for reading my post and your support. Wish you a nice weekend💋

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  1. I just picked up the coral one…. but I think I’m going to have to order this one too now!!!

    1. My answer is obvious, yes you should get it 😁 if you buy it, let me know what do you think of it. By the way, have you used yours coral obsessions? How is it?

      1. Yes I did a quick eye look with it yesterday and it’s really nice the colours blend really good!

  2. Those colors are phenomenal!

    1. They are incredibly beautiful😍

  3. I didnt think I needed this but now that I see your beautiful swatches and the look you did I think I do! 😍

    1. The good thing about these eyeshadows is that the price is good and easy to travel, so why not?! 😊

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