PÜR My Little Pony The Movie Eyeshadow Palette

“Welcome to a fantasy world, where a colorful dimension will take you on board.” This is what it comes to your mind when you see for the first time PÜR My Little Pony eyeshadow palette.

As a makeup artist, I am crazy about colorful eyeshadows, so as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I needed to have it. However, when I saw the reviews I wasn’t sure, since it doesn’t look pigmented as I expected.

Fortunately, Beauty Bay (https://www.beautybay.com) had some discounts last week and this palette was included. So instead of £25.00, I just paid £15.00 😊

Let me show you the swatches first and then I will tell you what I think about it.

When I swatched the palette it did look pigmented, but would it be the same on the eyes? I was speechless to see on my eyes it looked even better. Verdict: this palette is very pigmented. Though, there is something that bothers me, it doesn’t bring as many eyeshadows as Morphe 35B or BH Cosmetics Take me Back to Brazil, which I wrote a review a while ago (https://inmakeup.blog/2018/02/24/morphe-35b-vs-bh-cosmetics-take-me-back-to-brazil-palette/).

Is the normal price £25.00 worth it? I don’t think so. With the discount I got from Beauty Bay, then yes, £15.00 it’s a good price. For £25.00, you can get bigger eyeshadow palettes than PÜR My Little Pony.

Despite that, what I really like about this palette, is the fact that it’s a good size to travel and you can do a bronze daytime eye makeup or you can be bold and adventure yourself in a bright pink evening makeup. You choose!

One of my favourite eyeshadows in this palette, twilight sparkle, can also be used as a highlighter, which is ideal, if you don’t want to carry a lot of makeup on your holidays.

Twilight sparkle, applejack, rainbow dash and storm king are beautiful glitter eyeshadows that probably justify the cost of £25.

Looking at the shimmer eyehadows, the emerald green Loyalty is by far my favourite.

Regarding the matte eyeshadows, it’s good to have an eye palette that has pink and red at the same time ☺

Shortly, pros:

  • Perfect size to travel;
  • Glitter, matte and shimmer eyeshadows in the same palette;
  • It has a good balance in terms of quantity between cold and warm eyeshadow colors.

And cons:

  • Expensive, considering it’s a small palette with only 16 colors;
  • It needed one transition eyeshadow lighter than generosity;
  • Magic, the purple matte eyeshadow is difficult to blend.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me so far in this blogging journey, full of challenges. Thanks as well for your feedback. Wish you an amazing week ❤

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  1. Waiting for that video mostly because of me liking purple and therefore: of that lip color. Looks amazing. 🙂
    Eye makeup looks good too. Refreshing (especially among aaaall of the nude looks). 🙂

    1. Thanks for your feedback 🙂 Kat Von D lipsticks are incredible, I used the lipstick of one of my last posts (Last Month’s Makeup Haul): everlasting televator.
      On the weekend of 26th/27th I’ll upload the video. Hope you’ll like it Xx

  2. this is such a beautiful palette!!

    1. The colors in this palette are insane😍

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