Last Month’s Makeup Haul Review: MAC, Too Faced, Kiko, LA Splash, LA Girl, Kat Von D, Nyx, Karla Cosmetics and Elizabeth Arden

Every month I say I won’t spend more money on makeup, only if I run out of my basics, of course! Reality is, I just can’t resist makeup and I always end up loosing my mind. Surely last month, was not an exception and after putting all my makeup purchases together, I have concluded that March was more about lips!

Time to review my makeup haul!


I completely lost my mind when I saw these lip glosses. I bought initially ‘rave bunny’ and ‘electric rainbow’, but then I thought I need stronger colours and voila the result was ‘let’s rock’ and ‘pink trip’.

These lip glosses are holographic and they give an instant cooling effect, which creates a tingling sensation, so straight away you get a more fuller, plumped lips.

If you have thinner lips as mine, I would advise you to use them on top of a matte lipstick, creating a 3D effect. ‘Rave bunny’ and ‘electric rainbow’ on their own look like a festival glittery lipstick that surely on your daily basis you wouldn’t wear.


This “filler” effect lip gloss is AMAZING! I would recommend this to everyone that is looking to have bigger lips before applying lipstick.

After applying it, I felt kind of a burning sensation and it was a strange feeling, true, but immediately my lips looked fuller. As it says on the packaging, the tingling on the lips can last up to 5 minutes, so be prepared to feel your lips’ blood vessels being stimulating.

If you want to apply lipstick after, I would advise to pat a tissue on your lips to remove any excess of gloss.


These lipsticks are “ok”, I can’t say I was impressed, but the price was good. When I bought them, there was a promotion on selected items, that if you would buy 3 items, 1 would be for free, so I said to myself: “why not”!

They have a nice velvet matte texture, but I think it lacks pigment, specially for dark colours as these, so from 1 to 10 scale, I would give 5.


To make this lipstick, holographic as they say, there is a trick that it works pretty well for me. This liquid lipstick needs to be warmed up, so you can get the green holographic effect that comes through the purple. How do you do it to warm it up? Blow dryer! After applying, blow dry your lips and magic will happen! This is why I chose the colour ‘runic’, because it’s definitely unique and so gorgeous!

Because this lipstick is extra matte, I would say that applying a little bit of a clear lip gloss on top would make it more long lasting and hydrating.


About lip liners, I mostly buy them from drugstores. The high-end brands sometimes make them too soft and for thin lips, it doesn’t work.

I like the texture of these lip liners and I’m sure I will be buying more colours in the future. Also the price is good. I bought five shades and I like them all. It’s hard to choose which one is my favourite.


I went to Kat Von D’s counter in central London and I couldn’t wait to try the ‘Alchemist Holographic Highlighter Palette’ and the ‘Everlasting Glimmer Veil Lipstick’. Both products are to “die for”!

How beautiful is the ‘glimmer veil lipstick’! The shine and glitter of this liquid lipstick unleashes your creativity and you start imagining what looks you would like to create to make it even more cool that already is!

The only catch of this lipstick is that you need to apply a lip primer, because it stains your lips if you apply it directly and then it gets so hard to be removed. Rather than that, I absolutely love ‘glimmer veil’ range.

I bought the shade ‘televator’ and I can’t wait to create an evening look with it.

Probably you already understood that holographic is my “thing” and whoever is addicted to holographic makeup needs this Kat Von D palette.

The colours are insanely beautiful and even though they look too colourful to use on the face as a highlighter, they actually look natural when applied on the skin.

Plus, this highlighter palette can be used as an eyeshadow or on top of your black eyeliner, resulting in a new eyeliner colour 🙂

What’s not to like about this product!

Just to have it in my bag or carry it with me when I go on holidays, I end up buying the ‘Lock it’ makeup setting spray. I like the way it refreshes my makeup and I like the scent too, especially if I compare with ‘All Nighter’ from Urban Decay. The scent in ‘Lock it’ is so much better.


Nyx is such an awesome drugstore makeup brand. The products have good quality, are pigmented, long lasting and trendy. The products I bought are SO GOOD! The ‘strictly vinyl’ eyeliner is what I liked the most, because it’s a rusty red that doesn’t crack at all.

This eyeliner in shade ‘hazy’ is fantastic and easy to apply. Here are 2 looks I post it on my instagram.

It’s definitly a must have for makeup artists.

To increase my eyeshadow collection (as if I need more🤔), I didn’t resist to these two liquid eyeshadows. I love liquid eyeshadows, especially when you are rushing. You can blend with your fingers easily and create a beautiful smokey eye quickly.

The colours I chose, ‘revel’ and ‘a-line’ are matte eyeshadows suitable for the daytime makeup and they look very natural when applied on the eyelid. I really like these eyeshadows and I’m pretty sure I will get more in the future.

I added to my metallic lipsticks collection, this ‘acme’ shade. I think this vibrant colour is able to cheer you up and get you in a party mood.

I just wished it could be more hydrating for the lips.


‘Karla Cosmetics Fix Potion’ is an essential, must-have product in a makeup kit, because it makes eyeshadow’s pigments and glitters pop out so much more than usual. It has a gel texture and you only need a small quantity to make it work. As seen in the picure, the eyeshadow becomes more vivid.


It’s the second time I buy this product and I couldn’t live without it on those days that I don’t want to wear makeup. I always take it with me on my holidays and my skin looks so fresh and glowy. Besides protecting your skin from pollution, UVA and UVB, hydrates, corrects and unifies your skin tone. It can be used as a foundation primer or after mosturiser to give an extra protection to your skin.


  • Kat Von D Alchemist Highlighter Palette
  • Nyx Lid Lingerie Matte Eye Tint
  • Nyx Strictly Vinyl Eyeliner
  • Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme
  • Karla Cosmetics Fix Potion

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  1. This is a fantastic haul! I love the look of those MAC glosses 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your feedback 🙂 those mac lip glosses are so juicy💋💋💋

  3. you did such a good job with swatches and reviews. thumbs up:-)

  4. I just saw your blog on Naya’s blog party and tought to give you a follow. I really enjoy it 😀
    Looking forward for reading more from you.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I just saw your blog. I really like it ❤

  5. I like all colors of lip liners😍

    1. We like makeup generally speaking 😁

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