My Top 3 Favourite Concealers

This month of March, my posts will be focus on skin, therefore I will be writing a lot about foundations, comparing the ones from drugstore and testing high-end foundations that were recently launched.

Along with foundations, if the focus is skin, concealers are also an important subject. There wouldn’t be a flawless makeup without concealer, therefore I decided to dedicate this post about my top 3 favourite concealers.

Finding a good concealer for me it’s not easy, because my cheeks are huge and when I smile, my undereye area gets all wrinkly. Majority of concealers crease or look patchy on me. I learnt with experience, for my everyday makeup I have to apply more concealer inside and drag the excess outwards, in such a way I don’t overapply where my under eyes crease, especially if you starting to see your first subtle signs of ageing. This area of our face is so sensitive, that can dry out very quickly if you don’t use a good product that will help to protect and nourish your delicate eyes.

Daily, I love using Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser or Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Both are very similar, in my opinion, but I think Nars concealer is better if you want to apply powder on top or do the famous ‘baking’ process. Clearly, Maybelline being a drugstore brand, is so much cheaper comparing to Nars, that I prefer using Maybelline everyday and save Nars for my days off.

On a night out, I wouldn’t use Maybelline, because it doesn’t give enough coverage to hide effectively tired eyes after a long day of work. Despite that, I do like the freshness it gives in the morning and the sponge incorporated makes the application so simple that I can apply directly and blend it with my fingers. This concealer feels very comfortable and doesn’t damage your delicate eyes, so quality vs price is amazing. Plus, they improved the formula with haloxyl, which is known to minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Nars concealer, besides giving more coverage, it has a better texture if you want to apply powder on top, as i said before. These are the main advantages, if I compare it with Maybelline.

Now about Tarte shape tape concealer, I have so many good things to say! I do understand why everyone worldwide loves this concealer! And I can’t believe I only tried it for the first time this year. This product is definitely a must have.

On the picture above, that I took from my second video on youtube (, I have Nars in one eye and Tarte in the other. Tarte covers everything, it’s a full coverage concealer that doesn’t get cakey and once it dries, it stays in place, thus it’s optional putting powder on top. Besides that, the smell is lovely and it feels so nourishing, even if it’s full coverage. I would recommend it for everyone. The only reason I don’t use it everyday, it’s because I keep special makeup like this for special occasions. This product is so incredible, that I can assure you there’s nothing like it, in the whole world. Maybe I’m being pretentious, however so far, I never tried such a good concealer as this.

Let me know, if this is also your favourite concealer.

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  1. I have always wanted to try the mars concealer as it looks amazing! Will have to pick one up soon

    1. You have to try it! Did you try already Tarte shape tape concealer? That’s my number 1 🙂

      1. Not yet but I see great great reviews of it everywhere!

      2. You’ll love it! Best in the world 🙂

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