Morphe 35B vs BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Palette

As a makeup artist, I love colours, they are my creative universe and inspiration. Without no surprise when I saw Morphe 35B and BH Cosmetics palettes, instantly my eyes were attracted to both of them. However, I knew it would be nonsense to buy both, so I had no idea what to do. I did see the reviews that were already on the internet, but I think the subject could had been better approached.

I end up buying the BH Cosmetics, because luckly, one of my colleagues bought the Morphe 35B palette and now I’m able to compare them properly.

By looking at the pictures and its swatches, I can’t say one is best than the other, because some pigments are better either on Morphe or BH Cosmetics.

Despite that, overall BH Cosmetics has a better pigment, because the colours are more vivid and the black is ‘pitch’ black as I like, also the highlighter included in this palette it’s insanely beautiful. Nonetheless, Morphe’s frosty shimmer eyeshadows seem to be more intense. It’s a pity Morphe’s black eyeshadow is so chalky.

Regarding the texture of the eyeshadow, I prefer the feeling Morphe palette gives. It’s a very soft texture that reminds velvet. BH Cosmectics’eyeshadows seem like touching ‘superdrug’ eyeshadows, nothing special about it, but unexpectedly they are more pigmented.

Another thing to compare is the size of the eyeshadows. Morphe35B on and BH Cosmetics on are exactly the same price, so for the same price, you would expect to get the same eyeshadow size, but unfortunately you don’t. BH Cosmetics’eyeshadows are so small, it looks like a miniature of Morphe palette. Both of them have 35 eyeshadows and if I would have to choose based on quantity, then Morphe would be the winner.

If you are having the same dilemma, I had before, between these two beautiful palettes, I really hope my review will help you.

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  1. Which one would be easier to blend for beginners like myself?

    1. If you like matte eyeshadows, i advise bh cosmetics. If you rather prefer shimmer eyeshadows, then Morphe palette is better. For example i needed more matte bright eyeshadows easy to blend and that’s why I chose bh cosmetics. Hope this helps 🙂 Xx

  2. I love these vibrant colors so much! I wish I was brave enough to play with them, I think I’ll stick to my matte bronze colors for a while longer 😫

    1. You can be brave and do a smokey blue eye, for evening makeup or even a smokey pink and then eyeliner, that goes well in the daylight when it’s blended 😊 but you are right bronze colors are easy for everyday 😉

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