High End Liquid Foundations for Oily Skin

On my very first post, I thought it would be useful to talk about foundations for oily skin.

I have tried the most popular high-end foundations known in the market to be long lasting.

My skin through out the day tends to be extremely oily and it’s hard to find a foundation that controls my shiny t-zone. Hence I thought this would be something good to approach, considering I always struggled to find a foundation.

To make it easier the comparison between foundations, I decided to take a picture of when I applied it vs ten hours after. Also I compare how it looks when I applied in the morning, in natural light and in the evening, under artificial light.

Here goes the brands I tried (check the pictures above):

  • Lancôme Ultra Wear – This is definitely my ‘go out’ foundation. It works so much better than the famous Estée Lauder Double Wear. Double Wear doesn’t work for me at all and that’s the reason I don’t mention it in this post. When I wear it my skin goes really cakey, specially towards the end of the day. However, Lancôme Ultra Wear works perfectly. It’s a matte long lasting foundation that does the job controlling your t-zone from getting too shiny. This is my favourite foundation for a night out or a special event, though I wouldn’t use it everyday, since I feel it’s medium to full coverage and personally I prefer a lighter finish for an everyday use.
  • Kat Von D Lock it – There’s so many compliments on social media about this foundation, that I was so anxious to try it. Now that I tried it, I don’t understand the hype. The first hours after applying, it looks amazing, but after a few hours, it starts to separate and your natural skin oils start to show up. The result is a very patchy, cakey, greasy effect on your skin after ten hours. So I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Too Faced Born This Way – This buildable foundation gives an amazing feeling to your skin. It feels comfortable, like if you don’t have anything on your face, giving an amazing coverage. Because it’s a radiant matte finish, towards the end of the day your skin looks oily, but let’s consider I didn’t touch up my skin for a whole day, so it’s natural that on the picture it might look very shiny. I like the silk finish it gives to the skin when it’s applied.
  • Giorgio Armani Maestro – I could brag this foundation for hours! This is my everly favourite foundation for everyday. There’s nothing like it! If you have very oily and dehydrated skin, this is the best foundation for you. I don’t know how it manages to hydrate, whilst having under control all oils, but reality is, it does! The finish is amazing, a velvet matte that feels part of your skin. Even though, it’s light coverage, it still evens out my complexion. Could not live without this foundation.
  • Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear – I do understand why people love this foundation. Besides the great choice of colours, it gives an amazing coverage. You can build the coverage until you get what you want, but you have to work it out quickly, once you applied it on your face, because it dries fast. I didn’t touch up my skin through out the day, so on the picture looks a bit oily, but the foundation was still in place, no separation at all. This foundation I find it better than Too Faced Born This Way, because it has your t-zone more under control.
  • Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Mattifying – Well this is definitely one of the best foundations to make your skin matte the WHOLE day, without even having to retouch or touch up. When you put this on, it transforms into a very soft satin feeling foundation. Its liquid texture transforms into powder, absorbing all the oils that come out of your skin during the day. This foundation has two problems though, unfortunately. It’s really expensive and dries so so quickly, if you want to add coverage you have to work so fast. The other problem is the price. Hourglass‘ products are really expensive, I think. The products are amazing, no doubt. For example, the mineral veil primer it’s fantastic, unique I can say, there’s nothing like that in the market, but anything that costs above £50 I reflect upon it, if I really need it. Another thing is, if you want to make it full coverage, you’ll be spending more product, because it’s a light foundation, hard to build up without looking too powdery. I probably would wear this foundation on a very special occasion where I know I would be taken a lot of pictures and I need my skin to be super matte.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t advise Kat Von D Lock it foundation for very oily skin. The other ones I mentioned on this post I did like the texture and they felt comfortable.

I do have to confess Giorgio Armani Maestro and Lancôme Ultra Wear are still my favourite foundations.

I hope this post will help you selecting the best foundation, if your skin is as oily as mine.

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